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9 Perfect Color Pairings to Go with Brown

9 Perfect Color Pairings to Go with Brown

Neutrals are trending warm as midtone browns gain ground on the ever-popular gray. Not only are brown hues just as versatile as grays, they are great for providing the cozy vibe we crave. Here are 10 color pairings for brown that won’t lose.

Remember: When choosing a shade of brown for your walls, it’s important to hone in on how you want the room to feel. For an open and airy feel, go lighter. For a more cozy and moody feel, go darker.

1. Chocolate Brown + Cream + Red

Embrace the copper side of brown by marrying it with a red of equal intensity. The perfect color palette for a formal living room, try using a rich dark brown on the walls and balancing it with a cream-colored ceiling. Continue to use the warm cream hue for balance by adding in rugs, draperies and upholstery in that color — especially in a room with a dark hardwood floor. Scatter small pops of red accents to energize the space.

2. Chocolate Brown + Beige

Choose a sandy beige that has warm undertones so that it brings out and balances the richness of chocolate brown. Keep in mind that texture is key when pairing similar colors. Without texture, the room will feel flat. Shaggy rugs, bamboo blinds and natural wood furniture are great additions for texture.

3. Brown + Pink

Feminine pink accents and lots of fun patterns work well to lighten the look of dark brown furniture. When both colors are set against the backdrop of clean white walls, they blend perfectly together. Add in accents, artwork and upholstery fabrics with various shades of pink for a cohesive visual experience throughout the room.

4. Brown + White

Earthy browns are always intensified when contrasted with crisp white, which makes for a sharp, dramatic presentation. In many cases, browns without white would feel too dark. The white brightens, but also brings out otherwise unseen brown elements in the space.

5. Brown + Warm Colors

Taking a cue from nature’s colorful display in the fall, consider embracing those autumn hues all year round with yellows, oranges and warm browns filling your home. A brown sofa and wood furniture is an easy starting point. Then simply amp up the energy and warmth with pillows, artwork or decorative accents in mustard, amber and rust tones.

6. Brown + Blue

If you’re looking for a harmonious pairing, brown and blue might be the one for you. The two colors are practically made for one another, with the cool tones in blue coordinating perfectly with the warmer ones in browns. To modernize more traditional furnishings, consider using bold blue accents.

7. Brown + Pastels

Take the “cute” out of pastels by contrasting them with staid browns. Not only does the brown provide a grounding effect, it gives the pastels a sophisticated touch. After all, pastels have a hard time looking juvenile when surrounded by brown fabrics or wood furniture. Bring the room together by painting the walls a neutral beige.

8. Brown + Purple

Coupling dark-stained wood with plum walls intensifies the drama of a room. Neither color comes across as timid or shy, yet the two do not compete for attention. Instead, they work together beautifully to enrich a space and give off an air of sophistication. Less saturated shades of purple with a brown or gray undertone are the best choices to pair with brown furniture.

9. Brown + Gray

Can gray and brown be paired together? Yes, and quite successfully. Just be sure to pick a shade of gray that has warm undertones so that the color palette stays cohesive. Choose a third color, like a dark blue, to bring a subtle pop of color.

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