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9 Household Spruce-Ups to Take On Before Summer

9 Household Spruce-Ups to Take On Before Summer

With warm weather arriving at last, it’s time to get your home in tip-top shape by hammering out these quick and easy household tasks.

Revive Outdoor Furniture

A simple job that often goes overlooked, wiping down your outdoor furniture, plays a big role in keeping it looking its best. Rain will rinse off some dust and pollen, but doesn’t do nearly enough. Be sure to hit those tough-to-reach spots.

Once the furniture itself is bright and clean, take a little time to look over your outdoor cushions and pillows. They work hard during the warm weather months and can take a beating. Remove and wash any covers that are still in good shape, but consider replacing those that are really showing signs of wear.

Outdoor Rug Refresh

Despite being made to use outside, outdoor rugs are going to need some care every once in a while. Your rugs will see a much longer life if you vacuum them, rinse them off with a hose, and lay them out to dry a few times a year.

Pressure Wash Patio Space

For those who enjoy tasks that really make you feel like you’re doing something, pressure washing is the chore of your dreams. Although it can seem intimidating, it’s actually not that tough to do. Simply rent a pressure washer and have the rental place show you how to use it. The results are incredible — years of dirt and filth removed from your patio and walkways in a matter of minutes.

Repaint Exterior Doors

Wood doors can see warping and surface cracks over time due to sun and heat exposure. By giving them a fresh coat of paint, you’ll seal the wood and provide added protection from the elements. As a bonus, it’ll give your home’s exterior a nice aesthetic update.

Deep Clean the Grill

Summertime means cooking out on the grill for many homeowners. If you are one who cooks out often, it’s important to deep clean your grill at least twice per year. Wash down burner protectors, scrub cooking grates, wipe out the cook box, and don’t forget to clean the exterior, too. Be sure to disconnect the gas before you start.

Fix Torn Screens

Flies and mosquitoes have an uncanny ability to find their way into screened-in porches and patios — even through the tiniest of openings. Shut them out by taking care of any damaged screens before the season is in full swing. There are plenty of DIY tutorials available online if you need help, or find yourself a local handy person to handle it for you.

Ceiling Fan Switch-Up

Most ceiling fan models feature a switch to control the direction the blades rotate — either clockwise or counterclockwise. Make sure the blades are set to run forward (counter-clockwise) during the summer months so that air is pushed downward, creating a soothing breeze effect in your outdoor spaces.

Re-Seal Windows & Doors

It’s challenging enough during warm months to keep your home cool and comfortable without leaky windows and doors sabotaging the effort. Minimize air conditioning costs by re-caulking around windows and doors before the dog days of summer hit. This will ensure they are properly sealed so that the cool air won’t escape and the hot air won’t intrude.

Update House Numbers & Fixtures

If parties are part of your summer plans, make sure your house numbers are clearly visible for guests. Consider upgrading smaller-scale ones to big, bold versions and placing them under an exterior light so that they are easily seen at night.

In addition, now is a great time to check your outdoor light fixtures to make sure they are functioning as they should. Consider upgrades necessary for proper illumination in walkways and entries, as well as task lighting and fixtures for overall ambiance.

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