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9 Great Indoor Spots to Hang a Fall Wreath

9 Great Indoor Spots to Hang a Fall Wreath

Think beyond your front door! For a festive look all season long, try one of these creative indoor spots to display a fall wreath.

1. Above the Fireplace

The fireplace mantel is a perfect location for all kinds of pretty fall decorations. To create an easy and eye-catching display, try pairing a selection of mini pumpkins and gourds with vases of freshly cut branches full of autumn leaves. Hang a fall wreath above the mantel as a finishing touch. Using a removable wall hook, consider mounting the wreath directly in the center of the display to create a strong focal point.

2. On a Window

This option lets you admire the decoration from both outside and in. Simply hang your wreaths against front-facing windows in the living room, kitchen or dining room. Rather than mounting the wreath directly onto the window’s glass and risking damage, try looping a length of ribbon through the wreath for hanging. The ribbon is also a way to introduce added interest to the wreath through color and texture.

3. On a Closet Door

Although a popular place to hang wreaths, exterior doors are not the only option. Seasonal wreaths are just as festive when hung on interior doors throughout your home. Closet doors, bedrooms doors and pantry doors are all excellent choices for a touch of autumn spirit. Try to find fall wreaths that coordinate with your room’s color scheme for a more cohesive look.

4. Above a Bed

Yes, you can even use wreaths to bring a touch of fall to your bedroom or guest room. Simply attach it directly to the headboard or mount it on the wall above the bed. Use fall-inspired pillows and cozy throw blankets to reinforce the seasonal vibe for a comfy, inviting effect. In bedrooms, stay away from wreaths with potentially messy or harmful elements like glitter or dried grass.

5. As Part of a Vignette

Put together a seasonal vignette in your dining area or living room using a wreath as the starting point. The wreath can sit on a shelf or hang on a wall, but when surrounded by a collection of rustic tins, curated dishware pieces and pumpkins, the simple fall display can be stunning. For a more farmhouse-style vibe that will make the fall colors pop, consider attaching the wreath to a framed chalkboard.

6. On a Cupboard, Cabinet our Shelf

Another great backdrop for a wreath is a cabinet or cupboard. The warm colors of fall are a natural fit for natural wood or aged finishes. If your cabinets happen to be dark, consider a cream-colored or warm white wreath. When mounting a wreath onto open shelves, be sure not to block items you use frequently. Before hanging the wreath, rearrange the shelves accordingly.

7. Inside a Frame

To bring more interest to your fall wreath, try displaying it within a frame. You can hang it anywhere throughout the house or simply prop it on a mantel or shelf for an easy fall decoration. An ornate frame will add dimension and catch more eyes, while an antique frame makes a nice addition for a vintage-style display.

8. As Part of a Centerpiece

Think outside the box a bit and put your wreath to work as a centerpiece rather than hanging it on the wall. Whether round or square, a wreath can be placed on a coffee table, dining table or entry table for a quick and easy fall display. If simple elegance is what you’re after, try adding pumpkins, faux candles or a lantern in the middle of the wreath.

9. On Dining Room Chairs

For special fall gatherings or to inject some excitement into everyday meals, consider adding a wreath to each chair in your dining room. Find wreaths that are smaller in diameter than the chair’s width so that they won’t be cumbersome or interfere with the traffic flow. This idea works best on open-back dining chairs. Simply wrap a ribbon around the top of the chair and through the wreath, tying the ribbon to secure.

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