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9 Fun Ideas for Floating Shelves

9 Fun Ideas for Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great resource for providing streamlined storage and display space that updates underused walls. Use them to hold necessities or exhibit your favorite finds. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Artistic Alignment

Spread attention from floor to ceiling and all around a room by hanging floating shelves high and low. For those with a mantel, consider mimicking its line and shape with your floating shelf choice. Use the shelves to fill a void on your wall with an eclectic display of favorite artwork and collectibles.

Photo-Filled Passage

If you have hallways in your home, give those passing through something to look at by hanging a long shelf deep enough to accommodate propped-up family pictures and eye-catching artwork. Make sure the shelves are shallow enough so that they don’t jut out into the passageway too far. Try to find ledgelike shelves with routed grooves made for stabilizing propped items.

Instant Office

With a sturdy desk and a comfy chair, you have the building blocks for a functional office. Add some floating shelves and your little setup is sure to run more efficiently. For instance, create a workstation for more artistic pursuits with floating shelves adorned with inspirational items like artwork and books. Or, for less esoteric activities, fill the shelves with organizers to hold paperwork and office supplies.

A Cut Above

Installing floating shelves above desktops, nightstands, and bathroom countertops allows you to store workday, bedtime, and necessities at your fingertips. In addition, the surfaces below stay open and uncluttered.

Decorator’s Dream

Heavy on versatility, floating shelves provide interior decorators with plenty of options for accessorizing. Not only can the shelves stand alone, they can also be grouped or stacked, or even used strategically to expand on an existing wall art exhibit. By simply placing floating shelves below and to the side of the artwork hanging on the wall, the shelves offer additional space to display more complementary items that enhance the overall effect, or even allow for temporary exhibits that can be switched out at will.

Supplement Serving Stations

Floating shelves are a great way to supplement kitchen storage and allow you to place things exactly where you need them most. For example, consider creating a service area close to your eating space with stacked shelves filled with grab-and-go storage for everyday glasses, dishes and serving pieces. If there’s room, you can even incorporate a countertop that doubles as a buffet.

Fashionable Fillers

If your home features an alcove, niche or bay area, equip it with floating shelves that span the full length of the recessed space for a built-in bookcase look. When choosing shelves, consider proportion. For example, recesses that are large and deep need thicker shelves in a high-impact color so that the shelves can be seen. Conversely, use thinner glass, wood or metal shelves for shallow and narrow niches.

Window Dressings

Enhance your kitchen’s storage and display capabilities by adding a pair of floating shelves to the upper reaches of a kitchen window. Use the shelves to display decorative pieces and frequently used items that hog up too much cabinet space. Consider finishing the shelves to match nearby cabinets so that they visually recede and your backlit displays are the highlight.

Showcase Kitchen Staples

Ideally suited for showcasing attractively packaged ingredients, floating shelves are great for showing off glass jars filled with kitchen staples like spices, flour, sugar, rice, coffee and tea. Add in cookbooks, pretty dishes, and kitchen-related artwork to create charming displays that pay homage to the activities taking place in this popular family gathering space.

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