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9 Festive Front Porch Decorating Ideas

9 Festive Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Christmas will be here before you know it! Make use of these festive decorating ideas to deck your entryway with all the trimmings of the season.

Simple and Seasonal

For the “less is more” crowd, this simple but effective idea for a seasonal front porch consists of two items — a red-and-white pendant garland to hang, and a festive doormat. Subtle, yet spirited.

Evergreen Twins

Add some holiday flair by flanking your entry door with a pair of potted evergreens. Not only does this give your porch the perfect Christmas touch, the trees can be transferred to your yard after the season is over. Bonus: This can be done last-minute if you are running behind in your holiday prep.

Bring the Indoors Out

Give your neighbors a cheery dose of the holidays with a unique Christmas tree vignette on your porch. Set up a fully decorated Christmas tree, accent the scene with festive wrapped boxes, and finish it off with stockings hung on the door.

Wine-less Decor

This idea is simple and stunning. All you need are recycled wine bottles, matte black paint and pillar candles. Just cover the wine bottles in a coat of the black paint, and then insert the pillar candles into the tops of the bottles. For added drama, allow the candle wax to melt down the sides. Set them beside your front door, along your walkway, or on your stairs for a gorgeous holiday display.

Reindeer Sign

Create a budget-friendly chalkboard sign carved to look like a reindeer silhouette — or have one made for you. Simply cut a piece of plywood into the shape of a reindeer head, then apply two coats of chalkboard paint. Once dry, use colored chalk to create the perfect Christmas message. You can either work the sign into a larger display, or make a larger-sized reindeer sign that takes center stage.

Birch Luminaries

Create a bit of woodsy whimsy in your entryway by adding a grouping of birch log luminaries. To make them, simply cut birch branches to different heights with a circular saw. Then, drill holes into the top of the logs deep enough to insert a votive (a 1-½” paddle or spade bit works well). As a more pet-friendly or kid-proof alternative, try using a battery-operated votives instead of candles.

Seasonal Sentiments

For a playful twist on the standard holiday wreath, consider sculpting a favorite holiday sentiment out of rope and wire, and hanging it on the front door. Simply take lengths of rope and wrap them with fine-gauge wire, working it between the rope’s twists. Next, shape the rope into letters to spell out your chosen message, such as “fa la la” or “Noel.” In addition to hanging the message on your door in a creative way, the letters could also be used over a porch railing or hung from the eaves of your roof for a fun display.

Wrap Them Up

A quick and easy way to inject some holiday cheer into your entryway is to wrap your porch beams with a simple, sturdy ribbon in the color of your choice, and then adding greenery. If you’re feeling up to it, a string or two of lights is a nice touch as well.

Santa’s Workshop

Put together a front porch display that will have all the kids squealing with joy. First, gather together some toys that could have been made in Santa’s workshop — a rocking horse, a small wooden workbench, roller skates, a doll, an airplane, and so on. Next, create some oversized pieces of “candy” by wrapping foam balls in cellophane or wrapping paper. Lastly, arrange all the toys and candy to create a workshop feel. You can even add Santa, Elves and reindeer as a finishing touch.

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