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9 Bathroom Design Trends to Watch Out for This Year

9 Bathroom Design Trends to Watch Out for This Year

Wondering what’s coming to bathroom design this year? Here are 9 design trends — from fixtures and surfaces to lighting and features — that will be hot.

1. Bathtub Comeback

Being at home more this past year has created a resurgence in bath users. In fact, manufacturers are seeing a decided increase in bathtub interest, which upon further investigation makes complete sense. A hot bath at the end of the day is one of best places to unwind after a long day of working at home side-by-side with a spouse and school-aged children.

While freestanding tubs still grab the most attention due to their fresh style statement, look for a variety of new tub styles from manufacturers as well as expanded color and finish choices.

2. Bold Bathtub Colors

White still remains the most popular bathtub color for now, but expect some new bold colors to start making waves. From calming blues and muted, sandy hues to bright yellows and turquoise, color is coming back in a big way.

3. Multi-Textured Finishes on Faucets

Much like the trend in kitchen faucets, many new bathroom faucets are featuring a contrast of smooth and rough finishes. For example, one popular style exhibits a wavy texture on the underside of the spout and on top of the lever handles, while the remainder of the faucet is smooth. Like similar collections hitting the scene, this one consists of faucets, tub fillers, shower components and bath accessories in several metal finishes, including polished and brushed varieties.

4. Two-Tone Finishes on Faucets

In addition to the juxtaposition of textures, faucet manufacturers are also getting creative with finishes to add interest and variety to their lines. One especially striking example features a matte black finish and a bright brass gasket for the coveted two-tone effect. Another pairs polished chrome with marble.

5. Thin Profile Engineered Surfaces

Although the easy-to-install thin profiles created by engineered-surface manufacturers are not necessarily new, what is new is this technology being used for different applications in other areas of the home — not just kitchen countertops. In the bathroom, thin profile slab installations are being used more and more for bathroom walls. Not only are they visually pleasing, they are strong and easy to clean.

6. Integrated Sinks

Some manufacturers are also using engineered surfaces to create bathroom vanities with integrated sinks, rather than drop-ins. Sleek, durable and low-maintenance, these new integrated sink varieties are available in a wide range of popular colors and styles.

7. Hidden LED Lighting

In addition to the always-popular decorative light fixtures and chandeliers, hidden LED strip lighting is starting to come into its own as a standout lighting option for the bathroom. What’s pushing this surge in popularity? New applications like medicine cabinets that are backlit by soft LED lights activated when you open the cabinet door, or versatile LED strips that can be mounted inside a bathroom vanity, around the bathtub or in the ceiling above the tub for a relaxing glow.

8. Midcentury Modern Style

Midcentury modern has been popular for quite awhile in other areas of home design and now we’re finally seeing it show up in the bathroom. In fact, several manufacturers are launching collections this spring featuring a streamlined, modern aesthetic inspired by the midcentury modern design style. One new lighting design boasts multifaceted glass shades and metal arms, while another features adjustable disk-like metal shades that enable you to manage the direction of the lighting.

9. Features That Pamper

Bathrooms are moving from mostly utilitarian spaces to areas of rest and relaxation. In other words, homeowners are looking to be pampered. From aromatherapy showerheads that allow you to infuse the showerspray with essential oils to toilets with heated seats and a bidet function, it’s all about luxury this year.

In addition, new high-end bathtub designs include ergonomic improvements to mimic the feeling of weightlessness, as well as fine-tuned jets to massage the shoulders, back and legs.

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