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9 Affordable Laundry Room Improvements You Can Do in a Day

9 Affordable Laundry Room Improvements You Can Do in a Day

You may not have the time or money for a full laundry room overhaul, but there are many easy and budget-friendly ways to update your space in a day or less. Here are nine to get you started.

1. Replace Light Fixtures

An easy solution for just about any room, swapping out the light fixtures for something a little more stylish is not only quick and relatively inexpensive, it can also make a big impact. It’s true that lighting isn’t typically the first thing you think about in the laundry room, but installing new light fixtures has the ability to change the look, mood and productivity of your space.

2. Swap Out Cabinet Pulls & Sink Fixtures

Another small-but-mighty change — upgrading cabinet hardware to something more trendy — will make a huge difference in the room’s overall appearance. For example, installing sleek black knobs and pulls on all-white cabinets creates a handsome contemporary contrast.

Similarly, switching out sink fixtures may seem minor, but it can have a big impact on the look of your space. Just by upgrading older styles to burnished brass or gold finished fixtures, you bring your space from outdated to totally hip.

3. Modernize the Cabinets

Assess your needs and then retrofit the inside of your cupboards with added storage options to meet those needs. Leave the cupboard doors on or take them off to make open shelves. If you have ample space, try using open shelves to sort different types of laundry or to house individual laundry baskets for each member of the family.

4. Fresh Curtains

Hanging fresh curtains is an inexpensive option to inject color and pattern into your laundry room. Depending on how bold you want to go, you can really bring some vitality to this otherwise utilitarian space.

5. Add a Countertop

Give yourself some extra storage and folding space by installing a flat surface above your front load washer and dryer. Doing so will add function and increase productivity — especially in a small laundry room.

6. Tiled Backsplash

Since laundry rooms are typically compact spaces, you don’t need a whole lot of materials to put together an eye-catching display. For instant impact, try tiling the small area behind the washer and dryer. Using three-dimensional tiles can even bring a bit of glam to this work space.

7. Hanging Rod

Installing an extra rod for hanging clothes is a simple addition that will prove very useful. Try to find one that screws directly into the wall, as opposed to a tension rod, so that it’ll hold up under the weight of wet clothes.

8. Open Shelves

Basic floating shelves can be installed with very little cost or time surrendered, and they provide a huge return on investment. They’re great for keeping all your laundry necessities close at hand as you work. If you prefer a more uniform appearance, simply use baskets to hide away your cleaning supplies.

9. Hang Wall Art

For those looking to make your laundry room feel like less of a utility area and more like part of your living space, consider adding artwork to the walls. You can piggy-back on a design theme you already have elsewhere in your home, or go with something completely different and give it an identity of its own.

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