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8 Ways to Update Your Deck for Summer

8 Ways to Update Your Deck for Summer

Get your deck ready for the lazy days of summer by making a few improvements. These 8 upgrades will not only increase function and comfort, but also add loads of style to your outdoor space.

Pergola for Partial Shade

Turn your deck into an outdoor room with a pergola. While still allowing for that fun, open feel of a deck, pergolas provide structure and partial protection from the sun during peak hours. For increased support, try an attached pergola that joins to the side of your house.

Fresh Coat of Color

A clean, new look in no time? Give your deck a fresh coat of stain. In addition to the obvious visual benefits, you’ll also be helping protect your deck from rot, mold and long-term water damage. So that the stain adheres correctly, make sure to sand and power-wash the surface beforehand.

Outdoor Beverage Station

Turn your deck into an outdoor entertainment mecca with the addition of a beverage station. Either find a suitable outdoor-friendly cart, or find a shelving unit with ample room for serving drinks and housing ingredients and extra glassware. A standard metal shelving unit can easily be converted into an outdoor bar by installing a wood surface and adding a drop-in basin for cooling drinks.

Outdoor Rug Remedy

Treat your outdoor space like an indoor room by accessorizing with a cozy rug. There are plenty of attractive all-weather options out there to warm up outdoor sitting areas or help coordinate color palettes. Rugs also help cut back on dirt from being tracked in the house. Also, consider using rugs on larger decks to define spots for different purposes — such as a dining area and a lounge space.

Lively Pops of Color

Customize your deck by giving it a personal touch. Simply choose a color palette that coordinates with your home’s exterior and refresh your old or bland metal furniture with exciting new hues. Add in some other fun accessories like colorful pillows, vases and throws, and you’ll be well on your way to a cozy outdoor oasis.

Pots of Plants for Color and Height

Bring in some eye-catching containers to dress up your deck. Highlight areas by railings or near a door capable of accommodating plants that are tall and striking. Use pots of annuals for splashes of color or combine annuals and perennials together for a gorgeous display. Veggies are another container garden all-star that makes an attractive addition to the deck — plus, they thrive in all that sunshine.

Hanging baskets also make a great choice for deck decor. Just a handful of hanging baskets will help cushion the rigid open sides of covered decks with soft foliage and vibrant blooms. The best part? The look can easily be updated seasonally by swapping out the flowers as needed.

Chic Deck Furniture

Increasingly available in more and more styles and for more specific purposes, outdoor furniture can be found in low-to-the-ground sets for chatting, more traditional dining chairs, and taller seating styles for bar use. Flexible outdoor sets also allow for regrouping to accommodate different types of gatherings. It’s easier than ever to find the seating type that best fits your deck’s space limitations and how it’s used.

Privacy Screening

If the view from your deck is less than perfect, consider installing some sort of privacy structure to block out or camouflage it. Outdoor curtains and slatted screens work wonders, but the screening doesn’t have to be man-made — there are many effective shrubs and trees to choose from Mother Nature herself that can not only provide privacy but also add beauty to your outdoor space.

You can also use your screening to incorporate lighting and extend the time you spend on your deck. For example, lights can be wired right into the screens to illuminate seating areas and help create ambience after the sun goes down. Remember, outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be as bright as interior lighting. Simply try to replicate the light levels of a full moon.

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