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8 Ways to Improve Your Deck

8 Ways to Improve Your Deck

Nothing is better on warm summer nights than relaxing out on a well-appointed deck. These eight ideas will add style, function and comfort to any deck!

Piles of Pillows

Unless you’re in a really humid area where fabric holds moisture, consider softening your deck seating area with pillows. Accent pillows made from pretty and durable outdoor fabrics are easy to find and will add fun pops of color. If you find an indoor/outdoor fabric that you love, you can also cover any existing pillows and save some money.

Use Containers for Color & Height

Humdrum areas along railings or beside a door can be dressed up with eye-catching containers full of flowers and plants. Consider pots of annuals for bursts of color, or mix annuals and perennials together for a striking display. And don’t forget about vegetables! A sunny spot on the deck is a perfect place to grow some tomato plants or a small herb garden.

Enhance a Railing

While safety is important, aesthetics don’t have to take a backseat when it comes to railings. Instead of an ordinary railing, consider integrating materials that match the style of your home’s exterior.

Set Up Screening

Not loving the view from your deck? Try installing attractive screening to hide what you don’t want to see. Incorporate attractive structures using complementary materials to create appealing borders for your deck that block out anything undesirable, like the sun or nosy neighbors.

Outdoor Rugs

Think of your deck as an outdoor room and accessorize accordingly. An attractive outdoor rug, all-weather of course, lends a cozy feel to an outdoor seating area as well has helps tie a color scheme together. In addition, a rug adds texture underfoot, helping keep things from being tracked indoors. If your deck space is large, rugs can be used to break up the space for different uses, like a lounging area and dining area.

Go Vertical with Plants

Decks and hanging baskets go hand in hand, and with good reason! Hanging baskets help soften the open sides of covered deck spaces with bright blooms and lush foliage. The look can be switched up by rotating the display of flowers seasonally.

Add Deck Lighting

Make your deck more useful by installing lights. You can even incorporate lighting into the decorative screens to illuminate the seating area and add ambience after dark. Keep in mind, nighttime illumination doesn’t need to be at the same brightness as interior illumination. Your goal should be to create light levels similar to those provided by a full moon.

Safe Steps

Strategic lighting and contrasting paint colors are good ways to make it easy to navigate stairs leading to a deck at night. Mini lights built into the stair’s steps, posts and post caps are a great idea, as well as the use of solar-powered lights for decks sitting in a sunny spot.

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