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8 Ways to Gain Instant Curb Appeal for Less Than $100

8 Ways to Gain Instant Curb Appeal for Less Than $100

The truth is, first impressions are powerful. So your goal should be to make your front yard a place where people will stop and stare after the first glance. With these ideas, you can do it for less than $100.

Paint the Front Door

This project will only cost you a gallon of paint, around $30. But what that small cost will bring in reviving your home makes it a great investment. Choose a bold color that separates your home from those around it, but be sure to match it to the other colors on your house. To make it last for years to come, properly prep all surfaces before you paint.

Buy a New Door Knob

Enhance the design of the front of your home with an eye-catching door knob. The options are endless, as they are available in a wide range of prices and styles. You can go high tech with safety door locks featuring cameras or numerical codes to unlock the door, or leave things low tech. Either way, your house gets a visual lift.

Add Porch Curtains

Extend your interior to the outside by adding curtains to your front porch. Not only will it create a warm and welcoming vibe for visitors, it will give the front of your home a dramatic look and allow you to create your own private outdoor hideaway. Such fun!

Front Door Mailbox

Simple to install and starting only at around $40, a front door mailbox is a charming addition that also adds function to a home’s exterior. Simply choose your mailbox design and set aside an hour for installation.

Front Door Wreath

Not only will a wreath on your door make a statement from the curb, it can be changed from season to season without breaking the bank. Find one that enhances your home’s exterior, or make your own specific to your needs. Regardless, a lot can be done with a front door wreath, so get creative!

New House Numbers

If your home has old, faded or incomplete house numbers, consider sprucing things up with some new ones. House numbers typically start at $2 per number, or custom plaques run from $50 to $100. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what style to choose, start by matching your new numbers with the finish that is on your exterior light fixtures.

Replace Exterior Lighting

Both functional and aesthetic, new exterior light fixtures will need to illuminate your entryway and make it safer while also enhancing the style of your home. You can find exterior light fixtures from $20 and up. To save yourself time and frustration, try to find fixtures that have the same mounting system as your current lights. If you have the time and patience for it, you might be able to find vintage lighting to match the age and look of your home in salvage shops or antique stores.

Install Flower Boxes

Flower boxes are a perfect way to amp things up on a home that is lacking color. Consider installing them below the windows as well as on the front porch railings. Although they are relatively inexpensive (or you can make them yourself in an afternoon), remember the flowers and soil to fill them are going to cost you as well. Plus, you are going to have to invest some time to maintain them.

If flower boxes are not for you, try purchasing some container gardens in pots instead and arranging them on your porch or front steps. You’ll still get the same color infusion but have less maintenance.

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