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8 Things You Can Store Under the Bed

8 Things You Can Store Under the Bed

A tempting place to hide all the things we don’t want anyone to know about, the space under the bed has great potential for storage that really shouldn’t be ignored. Here are 10 things to proudly stash in the mysterious dead space under your bed.

1. Extra Linens

Lacking a linen closet or adequate space to store your linens? Have no fear — just fold or roll your extra sheets, pillowcases and blankets, put them in a shallow storage container, and slip them under your bed. They’ll be securely tucked away out of sight, but easily accessible when you need them.

2. Wrapping Supplies

Wrestling with cumbersome wrapping paper tubes, ribbon rolls and tape can be very frustrating. And there never seems to be a good place to store them. Well, here’s the perfect spot! Pack everything into a shallow container and slide it under the bed. The long and low space is perfect for oddly shaped and easily misplaced supplies such as these.

3. Presents and Gift Boxes

Keep your surprise gifts a surprise by tucking those to-be-wrapped presents in boxes or baskets under the bed. Be careful about pulling them out come party time though — you don’t want to give your hiding spot away!

4. Seasonal Clothing

Instead of hoarding those off-season clothes in your dresser and closet all winter, simply pack away the bathing suits, tank tops, shorts, and sandals, and slip the container under your bed. When springtime rolls around, reverse the process by packing away your sweaters, jackets and boots.

5. Craft Materials

Practically made to be stored in long, shallow plastic bins so they are easily sorted through, craft materials are an ideal choice for underbed storage. The best part? After you pull out the bin and find what you’re looking for, the whole collection of supplies can be pushed right back under the bed.

6. Overflow Beauty Products

For those thrifty shoppers out there that take advantage of sales and buy in bulk, what better place to store your stockpile than under the bed? Rather than allowing your extra toiletries and beauty products to clutter up precious space in your linen closet or bathroom vanity, for instance, simply place them in a container or box and slip them under the bed until they are needed.

7. Extra Shelves

Because picture ledges and open shelving are typically long and thin, it can be awkward balancing them against a wall in your closet when they’re not in use. The perfect solution? Slipping them into the space under your bed. They’ll be safe and out of sight until you find the perfect new spot to reinstall them.

8. Holiday Decorations

If the garage, basement or shed isn’t an option for storing those Thanksgiving linens or Christmas lights, consider stashing the smaller items under the bed in boxes or wrapped in clean canvas cloth until next year.

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