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8 Sure-Fire Ways to Add Seasonal Decor to Your Bathroom

8 Sure-Fire Ways to Add Seasonal Decor to Your Bathroom

Give your bathroom some cozy autumn vibes with these easy color additions and accessory swap-outs.

Although probably not the first place that comes to mind when it comes to seasonal decorating, the bathroom is a great spot for injecting fall warmth. The best part? It doesn’t take much — just a splash or two of orange, red or yellow and a few simple accessory switches.

There are a couple things to keep in mind, however. First, bathrooms don’t usually have a lot of room to work with so it’s important to keep things focused and streamlined. And second, bathrooms deal with a lot of moisture, so you want to choose decorative items that will hold up in that environment. Here are some ideas:

Embrace Nature

Put Mother Nature to work for you by making use of natural elements like leaves, dried flowers, branches and pampas grass — all of which have a potent easygoing autumn vibe. Simply arrange a vase full of branches with berries or colorful grasses on your bathroom vanity, then echo the color from the arrangement throughout the bathroom on accessories like hand towels and soaps.

Seasonal Rug

For another quick and easy fall transformation, swap out your everyday bathroom rug for one featuring an autumn color palette of vibrant reds, oranges or yellows. But before choosing a seasonal rug, look to the existing colors of the room so that you pick a rug that is complementary. For example, if your bathroom color scheme is rooted in blue, find a rug with fall colors that go with blue on the color wheel.

Keep It Simple

As far as bathroom spaces go, function comes first. There’s rarely room for decorative extras, which is why you must be calculated and sensible when choosing fall bathroom decor. If this is true for your bathroom, try choosing one main hue to showcase and repeat it a few times throughout the space. Just work in a handful of accessories in the chosen color, bring in a couple pumpkins and voila! Your autumn decorating is finished.

Feature Fall Florals

Preparing your bathroom for fall can be as effortless as adding a bouquet of flowers. Simply pick your favorite autumn bloom for an instant fall feel. Put together an arrangement of sunflowers, marigolds, chrysanthemums or another autumn bloomer in a nice vase and place it on a shelf or the vanity. Showcasing a bouquet of a single flower variety will bring an elegant simplicity to the room, while a mixed arrangement amps up the panache.

Shower Curtain Swap

Give your bathroom an undeniable fall focal point by switching out your existing shower curtain for an autumn-inspired one. Be sure to find one that stays true to your bathroom’s overall style, while giving a firm nod to the season. Use the shower curtain to then influence other fall bathroom decor decisions. For instance, pull from the shower curtain’s colorway to repeat on other accessories throughout the room, like towels, or echo motifs from the shower curtain design elsewhere in the room.

Go Neutral

Just because you’re into neutral colors doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the seasonal fun. It just means that instead of focusing on color, you should go with more natural elements. Find pumpkins in white and gray or put together an arrangement of cotton boll branches. Both of these ideas tip their hat to fall time without conflicting with a neutral color scheme. To make your display more interesting, include varied materials and textures, such as plush textiles, wooden items, and even one or two shiny glass accessories.

Dedicate a Shelf

When working to create a shelf display that is picture-perfect, the two key concepts you need to know are repetition and symmetry. Regardless of the decorative elements you choose to put together for your display — pumpkins, lanterns, foliage — you must consider the balance of the overall arrangement. Will it be symmetrical or asymmetrical? Which elements will repeat and where? Does your arrangement make visual sense? Does it have dimension? What about color distribution? Are the main hues evenly placed?

Display a Collection

Curate a group of vases in a single autumn color and display them on a bathroom shelf or windowsill. A collection of translucent glassware makes a beautiful choice, as it adds color without a lot of visual weight — a great thing for smaller bathrooms. Mix vase heights, shapes and textures to keep the display interesting. Try filling a couple with appropriate-sized fall branches for a nice finishing touch.

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