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8 Stunning Ways to Incorporate Fall Colors Into Your Home Decor

8 Stunning Ways to Incorporate Fall Colors Into Your Home Decor

Fall-inspired color schemes can work to encourage comfy vibes all year round. Use these eight ideas to usher in the warmth of the season.

Bold Fall Colors

A fall color palette featuring bold reds, oranges and yellows will work if you balance them with lots of neutrals. For example, incorporating bright orange seats into a dining room can potentially be overwhelming. However, by contrasting the orange with neutrals like light gray walls and natural wood floors, the color is subdued. Repeating the orange in subtle accents throughout the room helps to further dilute the bold color into something more visually manageable.

Jewel Tones

Keep in mind that vivid yellows and oranges representative of fall foliage are not the only colors available for autumn color schemes. Jewel tones furnish a rich, moody feel that comes across as seasonally appropriate. Consider layering hues like deep turquoise, emerald green, rich amethyst, and dazzling citrine for a colorful effect that is also quite cozy.

Rustic Neutrals

If warmth and comfort are what you’re looking for this fall, consider going with a decorative foundation of wood tones and rich neutrals. Use accents, area rugs, fuzzy pillows and layers of plush textiles for added comfort, coziness and pops of contrasting color.

Rustic fall decor typically creates an atmosphere that is relaxed and inviting. For a fresh approach to this style, consider using creamy taupes coupled with a variety of natural materials like rattan, wood, linens and others to create layers of texture. Work in seasonal foliage for small pops of vivid color.

Monochromatic Palette

Drawing inspiration from the changing leaves, choose your favorite fall color and use it exclusively. For example, the gorgeous golden yellow found in fall maple leaves makes a friendly and invigorating pick for a bedroom. Use it throughout the space — on the walls, bedding, rug and curtains. Incorporating textures and slight variances in tint adds dimension and warmth.

Full-Spectrum Color Scheme

When you think of fall colors, do vibrant hues and subtle neutrals alike come to mind? They should, as they are often found side by side in nature. Consider using this same logic when developing a seasonal color scheme for your home. For instance, pair warm beige furniture with brick red and spicy orange pillows and throws. Work in natural accents like leaves and wood to further the autumn theme.

Repetition Works

In order to successfully add color to a neutral room, repetition is key. Strategically place your accents throughout the room so that the eye continues to move around the space. While one colorful accent piece may appear out of place, having many brings balance and shows that the added color is deliberate.

Fall Accent Colors

Accents are the quickest and easiest way to incorporate fall hues into a space. Simply take stock of the colors you’re already using in the room and find items in compatible fall shades. Look to basics like patterned pillows, textured throws and wall art — pieces that effortlessly bring in fall color and blend into the room’s existing palette.

Glam Fall Decorating

Give your fall color palette a big dose of glam by adding in glossy finishes, lustrous metallics and chic prints. While it’s true that autumn tends to carry a casual feel, an upscale approach can also be fun. Mirrors, statuesque lamps and animal-print textiles are all excellent choices for a sophisticated autumn look. Including bursts of mocha-brown and pumpkin orange ensures the fall theme isn’t missed.

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