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8 Reasons Why Painted Ceilings Are Trending

8 Reasons Why Painted Ceilings Are Trending

Interior design experts are painting ceilings to elevate a home’s design. Here are 8 reasons why this concept is catching on!

Make A Room Feel Larger

Dark ceilings can make a small space feel larger by creating the illusion that the ceiling is higher than it really is. As counterintuitive as it may sound, a black ceiling opens up a small space and makes the space feel that much larger.

Elevated Design

While ceilings are typically an afterthought, designers find that by accenting them they can change the entire mood of a space. Painting them a dark color or using a patterned wallpaper instantly elevates an entire design.

Unexpected Interest

Implementing bold stripes or other patterns on the ceiling can bring a little color and a lot of interest to an otherwise neutral room. Using this unexpected element creates a lasting impact.

Ceilings Are the 5th Wall

Often forgotten, ceilings that are left blank do nothing to enhance the room’s aesthetic. Many designers consider ceilings to be the 5th wall, and as designers, believe it is their job to address every aspect of a space — including the ceiling. Just like they would choose an amazing wallcovering or light fixture, they use the ceiling as the “icing on the cake” of a thoughtful room design.

Bold Design Feature

Painting a ceiling a statement color immediately gives a room high impact, and makes a space feel bold and unique, while adding a playful approach to the design.

Creative and Imaginative

A colorful ceiling can be used to express creativity and imagination, especially in a child’s room. Since kids typically are attracted to bold and bright colors, the ceiling is the perfect place to interject their fun nature.

Drama and Elegance

High-design concepts can easily be incorporate into any room by way of a painted ceiling. For instance, by pairing it with a defined trim edge, you instantly add a bit of drama and elegance.

Fun and Whimsical Feature Wall

When designers are are asked to keep the walls of a room muted and neutral, they employ the ceiling as an outlet for whimsy and fun — especially in children’s playrooms or bedrooms.

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