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8 Places Shiplap Walls Work Perfectly

8 Places Shiplap Walls Work Perfectly

Stylish and versatile, shiplap walls can work just about anywhere in the home. Here are eight spots for you to consider.

1. Hallway

While a hallway might be the last place you think of when it comes to a makeover, shiplap makes a statement anywhere it’s installed. Plus, since a hallway remodel is one that delivers a big impact for relatively little effort, why not add shiplap to it?

2. Girls Room

If shiplap is anything, it’s versatile. It can go from glam to cutesy cottage simply by changing up the decor. Make it fun and girl-friendly by pairing it with gorgeous pastels and whimsical accessories.

3. Ceiling

Yes, shiplap can even be used on the ceiling, which is especially effective in a romantic farmhouse-style home. When paired with exposed wooden beams and warm lighting, the shiplap brings a comforting, homey feel to a room.

4. Breezy Bathroom

Pair shiplap with light, bright subway tile and vintage-inspired fixtures for a fresh and airy space with lots of interest. Crisp, clean and full of texture, it can be dressed up or down through color and furnishings.

5. Accent Wall

When some people look at a shiplap wall, all they see is the painstaking installation process of adding it one plank at a time. That’s not always the case! By using sheets of paneling, you can speed up the process significantly and have your shiplap accent wall done in a weekend. Not only is this a quick solution, it looks pretty amazing, too. For those interested, several tutorials are available online to get you started.

6. Master Bedroom

When most of us think of shiplap, we picture it white. But using a bold color on it gives it a modern feel, as well as adding drama and depth — perfect for that master bedroom that needs a boost.

7. Boys Room

We can’t forget about the boys! Shiplap is the perfect way to attain a boy-approved rustic campout in the comfort of your own home. It also pairs naturally with nautical elements for a beach-inspired or boat-themed space.

8. She Shed

Take the shiplap trend beyond the walls of your home by using it in a “she shed.” Make it cutesy or outdoorsy— either way, you’ll no longer need a spare room to find solace. Let the men have their man caves, a “she shed” is where it’s at.

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