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8 Houseplants to Refresh Your Living Room

8 Houseplants to Refresh Your Living Room

If your living room could use a little bit of a boost, consider adding one or more of these houseplants to infuse some color and vibrancy.

Olive Tree

Tall, textured and sophisticated, the olive tree is growing in popularity as an indoor plant. It features rich, green foliage that brings warmth and effortless refinement to a room. Italian-bred, olive trees are known to be particular about their environment and do best in areas that mimic Mediterranean-like conditions. In other words, they thrive with six or more hours of full-sun exposure daily and prefer dry air.

Bonsai Tree

The majestic Bonsai brings interest and beauty to a coffee table or living room console. Petite potted trees, Bonsais come in several sub-species — some of which are more adaptive to indoor living conditions than others. For example, the Jade Bonsai, Sageretia Bonsai and Ficus Bonsai all work well as indoor plants. A delicate plant, Bonsai requires consistent attention as well as plenty of sunlight and high humidity to flourish.

Jade Plant

Give your bookcase, mantel or windowsill a pop of color with a charming jade plant. They are easy-care succulents featuring small, smooth circular leaves and a lovely medium-green hue that dazzles in both neutral and bold interiors. To keep jade plants healthy and happy, give them lots of drying time between waterings.

Red Aglaonema

A designer favorite due to its glossy leaves and mix of rosy red, forest green and soft pink hues, this gorgeous plant almost doubles as art. It warms up crisp white walls and is easy to grow for even the least experienced gardeners. In fact, minimal care is required for it to thrive year-round.

Snake Plant

Hardy indoor perennials, snake plants are known for their stiff, smooth leaves and sharp edges. They are loved for their durability and easy-care nature. Also called Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, snake plants have the ability to thrive in all kinds of environments, from shady corners to sun-filled window sills.

Heartleaf Philodendron

What is more darling than a plant named for its glossy, heart-shaped leaves? Not much. If you’re looking to bring a little romance to a room, consider this lush climber. To sweeten the deal, heartleaf philodendron are extremely drought tolerant and don’t require much attention to flourish indoors.

Bird of Paradise

The perfect plant for bohemian, coastal and modern designs, Bird of Paradise plants are bold, sleek and flashy. They feature striking banana-like leaves that enhance sleek lines and give off a decidedly tropical flair. This vibrant plant thrives on direct sunlight and moist soil during the spring and fall. Employ regular fertilizing during the spring and summer months.

Euphorbia Peruviana Plant

Often mistaken for a classic cactus at first glance, Euphorbia Peruviana plants are actually perennials that enjoy indoor living conditions that include partial to full sunlight and regular watering. Consider planting them in a sleek, unembellished pot to enhance their streamlined silhouette.

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