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8 Easy Wall Art Ideas Anyone Can Do

8 Easy Wall Art Ideas Anyone Can Do

Let your creativity flow by transforming everyday objects into pieces of art. From basic objects to paint chips and baskets, just about everything has the potential to become something of beauty. Here are a few easy ideas to try!

Paint Swatches

Just completing a home renovation and have a stack of paint swatches left over? Rather than tossing them, sort them into groups by color and give them another life by turning them into art. Simply work out a design or overall aesthetic based on the size, scale, shape and proportion of the swatches you have. For instance, by lining up the colors into rows based on levels of saturation, you can create a gradient effect. For a more cohesive and put-together look, you might want to cut all the swatches into the same shape. Once you have the design worked out, attach the swatches to a piece of poster board with double-sided tape, matte and frame. Voila!

Nail-Head Saying

Create custom graphic art for your wall. It’s as simple as a sheet of corrugated foam core and a pile of nail heads or brass tacks. First, decide on your message — it can be a name, saying, or combination of words. Next, design your message by writing it out free-hand onto the foam core with a pencil. Then, using a hammer or rubber mallet, apply the nail heads and brass tacks using the traced letters as a guide. When you’re done and happy with the results, find a frame that complements your creation and hang it.

Layered Paint on Canvas

While there are several ways to texturize canvases, one way is by layering paint. To do so, randomly apply the paint to the canvas using a painting knife — make sure the layers are thick. Allow the paint to dry for several hours and then continue to layer paint in different colors until you reach a visual aesthetic that suits your taste.

Be aware that as the layers build up, the edges of the canvas can start to look messy. To hide this, simply add four strips of MDF or wood trim along the edges with nails or screws.

Gold or Silver Leafing

With sheets of leafing, adhesive and a paintbrush for detail, you can add a high-end metallic finish to any basic object and turn it into a work of art. Just choose an object and apply the sheets directly to it with a paintbrush dipped into the adhesive. Then use the paintbrush to fill in any cracks. For display, place your newly metallised objects in an open frame, on risers or inside a cloche.

Drip Art

You may have been introduced to drip art in your grade school art class. It is simple, but the results can be stunning. Drip art is created by holding a canvas up vertically and dripping paint (latex or acrylic) randomly across the top. The paint then drips down creating streams of color. You can use as many colors as you like.

Another variation of this technique is “spray bottle art” where you apply paint directly to a vertically-held canvas and then spray the paint with a bottle of water to dilute the paint, causing it to drip downward.

Consider adding depth to drip art by adding metallic touches in with the other colors. You can do so using gold or silver leaf. After all of the other colors have been added to your piece of art, apply the gold or silver leaf accents on top using leaf adhesive and a small detail paintbrush.

Framed Textiles

Have an especially beautiful vintage scarf or piece of fabric? Brighten your home and add some retro appeal to your walls by framing it. Not only will it be an instant statement piece, it will add texture and individuality to the room.

Ceiling Medallions

Ornate, inexpensive and available in a range of sizes and patterns, ceiling medallions make for a stunning wall art display. Simply gather a good mix of them and paint them in coordinating shades. Arrange them just the way you like and attach them to the wall using Velcro or a strong glue.

Woven Baskets

You can create a gorgeous display — textured and colorful — with a few shallow baskets grouped together on a wall. Once you gather your basket assortment (get a good range of sizes and colors for an eye-catching display) hang the largest basket first and layer the others from there. To achieve an overlapping look, attach the baskets to the wall by nailing through their center.

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