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8 Creative Ways to Decorate With Mirrors

8 Creative Ways to Decorate With Mirrors

Effective and reliable, using mirrors in your home decorating is a great way to reflect light, inject a little style, or make a room feel larger. Here are some creative ways to work them into your space.

Entryway Mirror

Welcome your guests with a smiling face — their own! Whether a petite-sized mirror over a table or a full-length version to check your entire outfit, creating a spot for last-minute once-overs is a great idea in the entryway and will surely be utilized by everyone. For a more art-like appearance, take mirror size, shape and color into account.

Float Mirrors Off Other Design Elements

Give your bathroom a layered look by mounting smaller, uniquely shaped mirrors on a pre-existing, standard sheet mirror. This technique is especially effective in bathrooms with double sinks, as you can add a mirror directly above each sink.

Another “floating mirror” option is to hang them on built-in or freestanding floor-to-ceiling shelves. Simply mount a mirror or two to the front of the unit and arrange all your beloved figurines, vases and books on the shelves behind. This idea can be used in your home office as well.

Bring Interest to Odd Spaces

If you’re at a loss for what to do with an awkward area or blank stretch of wall, consider adding some interest with a mirror. For example, an empty hallway or the blank wall space above your stove are both good candidates for a mirror. Just be sure that the scale of the mirror fits the size of the space.

Multiple Mirrors

What could possibly be better than one mirror? Two! Swap out the look of one oversized mirror above your dresser or vanity for a matching set of mirrors. Or bring balance to a bedroom by hanging a mirror above each nightstand. This symmetrical approach also works well in formal settings, like the dining room.

If two mirrors just doesn’t do it for you, consider going one step further and lining up three in a row. Hanging a trio of mirrors — especially ones with striking frames — brings extra life to a space and makes an even bigger impact.

Gallery Wall

The more mirrors, the merrier! Fill an empty wall with mirrors of all shapes and sizes. The beauty of this idea is that there is no right or wrong. Hang the mirrors randomly or in some type of formation; paint them all the same color or leave them in different shades. One especially eye-catching display option is to paint all the mirrors the same color except for one. Leave that single mirror in its original hue.

Layered Mantel

For those reluctant to make holes in the walls, consider this alternative for showcasing your mirror collection. Clear off your mantel and use it to display the mirrors, no nails or screws required. Simply lean your mirrors up against the wall, overlapping the larger ones with smaller ones in front. This technique brings depth to the room as well as a collected-over-time feel.

Living Large

Large spaces call for large-scale furnishings. Not only are oversized floor mirrors high-impact, styling them is easy — just set them on the floor and lean them against the wall.

Mirrored Backsplash

Skip the tile for your kitchen backsplash and consider going with mirrors instead. A mirrored backsplash can help bring light to a typically dark space under the cabinets and creates the illusion of spaciousness. This is especially valuable in smaller kitchen spaces and bar areas.

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