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8 Creative Tips for Decluttering Countertops

8 Creative Tips for Decluttering Countertops

When countertops are clutter-free, household operations tend to run the smoothest. Employ these storage-savvy solutions to clear your work surfaces, but keep necessities within close reach so you can easily handle every task.

Shelves in Awkward Spaces

Hanging shelves near work surfaces to keep items off countertops is a great way to maintain a clear workspace while keeping those important work items handy. This strategy will work even in somewhat awkward spaces, such as the area between an end cabinet and a window, or between the ceiling and backsplash. Other ways to stretch storage capacity is to mount a corner cabinet in a previously forgotten corner or add shallow shelves behind the kitchen range and sink.

Orderly Drawers

While some storage units were made for expansive countertops with lots of room for just about everything, most people’s kitchen situations are a little less roomy. When space is tight, consider moving what you can into well-placed cabinets and drawers. Seek out drawer inserts to help you organize knives, spice jars and cooking gadgets in a location near where you’ll be using them most often.

Hidden Power Station

Keep electronic gear out of sight and off countertops by turning any drawer into a charging station. All you need to do is outfit a desk, cabinet drawer or nightstand with a power strip to charge cell phones, e-readers, tablets and other electronic devices. For best results, drill a hole for the cord in the back or side of a piece of furniture nearest an electrical outlet.

Harness Space

Equip the cabinet below your bathroom or kitchen sink with baskets to hold toiletries, cleaners and paper goods — keeping them off countertops. Open baskets enable you to take a visual inventory of supplies and quickly restock as needed.

Hang Them Up

Head to your local DIY store’s storage aisle to find under-the-sink caddies, hairdryer holders, paper towel holders, and other versatile items that you can hook over cabinet doors. Over-the-cabinet-door organizers not only help maximize the cabinets’ potential, they also keep countertops free from bulky gear.

Storage Wall

Most bathrooms feature one wall that can be used to accommodate all sorts of storage possibilities. In many cases, it’s the toilet wall. From wall shelves and medicine cabinets to freestanding units designed to fit around the toilet, you can find a system to suit just about every bathroom situation. While these built-ins are great for general bathroom storage, they can also keep cosmetics and grooming necessities organized and handy, but off the vanity countertop.

Wall Pockets

Rid your countertops and tabletops of unsightly piles of paperwork by putting the wall space adjacent to these work surfaces to good use. They are ideal for pocket organizers or shelves equipped with desktop organizers that can be used to manage paperwork. Simply label wall pockets for bills needing attention, incoming mail, and other important paperwork.

Tool Rack

While freestanding kitchen tool holders are convenient, keeping tools viewable and close to your work area, they take up prime real estate when it comes to small kitchens. A creative solution to this is to hang a towel bar or two on an open wall and use S hooks to hang your most used cooking implements.

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