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8 Chic Ways to Decorate With a TV

8 Chic Ways to Decorate With a TV

An essential fixture in most living rooms, a TV can either be displayed prominently or minimized. Use these ideas on where to place a TV set and how to decorate around one to find a stylish setup that works for you.

Above the Fireplace

A classic living room setup, mounting the TV above the fireplace anchors it and creates a strong focal point for the room. Flank the TV with wall sconces or other decorative accessories to create a balanced look. Before mounting the TV, check with the manufacturer to be certain that it’s a safe location for it. While fireplace heat doesn’t usually affect the wall above it, consider checking the surface temperature just to be sure.

Surrounded by Built-In Shelving

When a wall-mounted TV is surrounded by built-in shelving, the entire arrangement serves as a visually strong media center. This design solution allows you to fill in the space with color and personality, rather than just a black box. Add in books, plants, art and other interesting pieces, in addition to electronic components, adapters and remotes.

Built-in shelving is also a perfect solution for those who don’t want the TV to dominate the room. By incorporating a standard-sized TV into a wall of built-ins, the TV just becomes one of many items displayed. Use the shelving and cabinets to strategically camouflage any other accompanying components.

Purposeful Furniture Placement

Make your wall-mounted TV’s placement seem more purposeful by framing the set with furniture. For example, flank the TV with two standalone shelving units lined with decorative items. Add in a handsome credenza below the television to complete the setup. Not only is the credenza stylish, it makes a handy place to stow electronic components.

Darker Walls

When not in use, TV screens look like a big black rectangle on the wall. To make it blend into the room better, consider painting the wall behind it a dark color, such as a deep charcoal. Doing so will make the TV appear less jarring than if it were mounted on a white wall.

Off-Center Placement

If watching television is not the primary purpose of your living room, then it’s not necessary for the set to be positioned in the center of the wall. For instance, if conversation is the most important function, it makes sense to prioritize a furniture arrangement that facilitates talking and then adding in the TV wherever it fits.

Tips: Try using a swivel mount to attach the television to the wall. This will allow you to swing the screen out and change the angle as needed. Also, remember you’ll need storage space to stash the DVD player and other components, and you’ll want to hide or camouflage the cords and wires. When in doubt, a simple shelf will do.

Gallery Wall

If you’re dealing with a smaller sized television, consider working it into a gallery wall display to disguise its existence. You can even mimic the style of the TV frame in the artwork’s frames to help the screen blend in better. If possible, have the TV be smaller than the largest piece of artwork. This is another way for it to fit in better within the display.

Use Decor for Balance

Your television screen should never be the only prominent item on the wall, even if it’s a huge screen. If mounted above the fireplace, use the mantel to display accessories like photos, plants or artwork. If mounted on a bare wall, then use a line of shelves above or below for displaying decor. Pick a couple large-scale pieces to balance out the television’s size.

Entertainment Center

While mounting a TV on the wall is a popular and practical choice, there are other options. For example, there are some really stylish entertainment centers on the market, and they don’t involve putting holes in the walls. If money is a concern, consider transforming a thrift-store dresser or armoire into a TV stand. In many cases, all you need to do is apply a coat of paint and add some holes for the wires.

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