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8 Budget-Friendly Outdoor Lighting Ideas

8 Budget-Friendly Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Use these handsome, easy-to-install lighting ideas to improve your outdoor experience this summer — without breaking the bank.

Stunning Reflection

If your outdoor space features a pool, pond or water element, consider using the reflective qualities of the water to best advantage through lighting. For example, bistro lights, a fleet of candle lanterns or solar-powered lighting positioned along the water’s edge will give off warm light that dances across the surface of the water.

Lantern Illumination

Whether vintage or brand new, decorative lanterns are a fast, easy and charming way to incorporate lighting into an outdoor area. Cluster various sizes of them on a dining table, line them up along a wall, or place small groupings around the edges of the space — your decorative possibilities are endless. The best part is that you can leave out the real wax candles and instead use LED candles or solar-powered versions to keep things nice and safe.

Retro Charm

A simple string of twinkling lights will bring a little magic to virtually any outdoor space, but specialty vintage-styled lights that feature exposed filaments take it over the top — in a good way! Edison-style bulbs bring an element of fun to patios and decks, making every night at home feel special. If vintage isn’t your aesthetic, there are many styles of string lights to pick from.

Light Up the Concrete

If you’re not lighting up your concrete, you’re missing out. The glow of low-voltage lighting brings out the gorgeous texture of concrete that is often overlooked. For board-formed concrete walls, be sure to choose a warm light to not only gain that great glow, but also the interesting little shadows cast from the concrete’s textured details.

Gas Fire Pit

Surprisingly affordable, gas fire pits require no electricity and are odorless, so you don’t have to smell like a campfire every night. They’ll add a cozy warm glow to any deck or patio.

Path Lights

Without proper lighting, walkways are practically invisible at night and can become genuine safety hazards. Using inexpensive solar path lights to line your walkways, you’ll make your yard safer and add beauty at the same time.

Showcase Plants

If you have an interesting or unique plant on your property, consider showcasing it using lights. Directional lighting, an up light, or even string lighting can be used to highlight a special tree or plant, depending on the effect you want to make. String lights, when wrapped around the plant’s limbs, highlight each tiny detail and create a gorgeous after-dark design statement in your landscape.

Solar Security Lights

It’s hard to do too much when it comes to home security. Easy to install, solar security lights will boost your home’s exterior security and your peace of mind — without complex electrical work. They are available in a range of designs and some even include motion sensors to scare away intruders or light the way for you when you get home after dark.

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