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7 Ways to Lighten and Brighten Your Office Space for Spring

7 Ways to Lighten and Brighten Your Office Space for Spring

People spend a lot of their time in an office environment, which is why it’s important to keep it fresh and exciting. Here are a few spring tips and tricks to get you started.

Add Cheery Colors

If you want to create an inspiring workspace for spring, bright colors are key. You can add pops of color by switching out artwork, accent pieces or flowers, or you can simply update your office supplies. Colorful pens, paper clips and file folders all bring a little extra fun to the workday!

Let the Sunshine In

Nothing brightens up a room like natural sunlight, so throw open the curtains and let those golden rays flood into your office space. Not only will the fresh injection of vitamin D lift your mood, with springtime on the verge of blooming, the outdoor views will give you an extra bit of joy as well.

The Power of Flowers

Who doesn’t love a colorful bunch of fresh-cut flowers? Treat yourself and grab a pretty bouquet to brighten up your desk any time of the year. Or, for a more lasting impression, add a live plant or two to your office space. They make great friends, are wonderful reminders of the outdoors, and can also boost psychological health by injecting life into an otherwise dull environment.

Fun Accessories

Design is about the details, so by all means accessorize your office space. Yes, your workspace must be functional and organized, but adding fun and colorful accessories can make the time you spend there much more pleasant. Simply put, surround yourself with things that make you happy. They’ll help increase your productivity and lessen the intensity of frustrations that may pop up during the day.

Swap Out Darker Hues

For a cost-effective way to freshen things up, consider lightening the mood of your office space by swapping out those darker, heavier-feeling accessories for ones in lighter colors and shapes. You can even use existing frames and swap out artwork for an even bigger impact.

Trade Out Textures

Consider lightening your load when creating a fresh new office design by trading out textures. Swap out heavy rugs and blankets for lightweight ones and soften everything up with light, bright accessories.

Spruce up for Spring

Give your office space a spring cleaning! Take out items that feel stale or uninspiring. Simple changes can go a long way in breathing new life into an area. Replace a vase, pillow or lamp to bring a fresh perspective.

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