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7 Ways to Decorate With Christmas Lights Year Round

7 Ways to Decorate With Christmas Lights Year Round

Avoid the drab feeling that sets in post-holidays by giving your home a warm glow year round. Here are 7 projects and ideas that will incorporate festive string lights into your everyday decor.

Patio Glow

Illuminate your outdoor space and give it an enchanting ambiance by stringing lights around your patio or deck. Add to the look with a few glowing lanterns strategically placed around seating areas or hanging from trees.

Lighted Wall Art

Perfect for a teen bedroom or low-lit area of your home, consider creating your own wall art that incorporates string lights. For instance, choose your favorite constellations and paint them onto a piece of plywood. Next, drill holes for the stars and insert twinkle lights into the holes. Voila! A unique piece of art that will be an instant conversation piece when company is over. Get creative! What other words or images can you bring to life with lights?

Wine Collection Showcase

Do you store your wine collection on a wooden rack? Use this simple idea to transform that simple storage piece into an eye-catching focal point. Simply border your wine rack with string lights and watch it go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Marquee Letters

Trendy but usually expensive to purchase, giant marquee letters or letter signs are a great way to make a statement. This DIY version will not only save you money, but allow you to customize the display to fit your exact needs.

Simply freehand the letters onto a piece of plywood, or have your local print shop enlarge the letters you need so that you can use them as a pattern to trace onto the plywood. Next, cut the letter(s) out with a jigsaw, and drill holes to insert the lights. Sand any rough edges and paint or stain accordingly.

Once dry, use any stiff-but-bendable material you like to frame the outside edges of each letter, and decorate as desired. From the back, thread the bulbs from a string of lights through each hole, using hot glue as needed to keep them secured. Hang the letter(s) by mounting short eye hooks onto the back and attaching picture wire. Tip: These marquee letters are especially amazing when made larger than your standard 18” letters.

Play Up That Playroom

Add instant dreaminess to any child’s bedroom or playroom with string lights. Use them in child-safe lanterns hung around the room, string them around windows and doors, or even drape them over tents, teepees or forts so they glow within and create a perfectly cozy napping spot or place to curl up with a book.

Faux Fireplace Glow

Just because the weather warms up and you no longer need the heat of a fire doesn’t mean you can’t hold onto that cozy glow in the fireplace. Consider wrapping logs with string lights for a warm atmosphere without the added heat.

Light Up Blank Walls

If you’re having trouble filling bare walls in your home, leaving things looking a little bland, put some string lights to work for you. Arrange the lights in zigzags or spiral patterns for a sculptural-looking installation that will add a soft illumination to the room.

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