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7 Ways to Create a Home Office in Your Existing Space

7 Ways to Create a Home Office in Your Existing Space

Enjoy the perks of working from home without dedicating valuable space to a permanent office. Instead, use a few clever pieces and a little creativity to set up shop in your existing space.


You don’t need much space to create a quiet area to get things done. In fact, an awkward spot off a main room, the corner of a hallway, a closet or nook will all work nicely. Just make sure the chosen space is a couple feet wider than your chair so that you have room to move, and that you give yourself a sufficient work surface for paperwork, a laptop and mouse.

Office Nook

If a little office nook appeals to you and your available space, consider using wall-mounted lighting fixtures to maximize your work surface, especially if you have a small desk. Office nooks are great for those who require privacy and focus, and surrounding walls can be used to hang calendars, cork board or desk organizers to store office necessities.

Mozy Up to the Breakfast Bar

When it comes to creating a temporary home office, the convenience of a breakfast bar should not be overlooked. You can even use it as an excuse to treat yourself to some new barstools. However, stools are definitely not a necessity — can you say standing desk? Plus, think of how close the snacks and coffee will be!

Accent Table Solution

An accent table or that handy table in your front entry are the perfect place to stash your keys, wallet and mail, but did you ever consider using them as a place to catch up on emails or get some work done? Just pull up a chair (or a simple cube or ottoman if you don’t have the budget or space for a desk chair) and take care of business.

Console Comfort

Similarly, a sharp-looking console table or credenza can easily be transformed into a work space, with loads of storage. You most likely already have a lamp or two on it, so you’re already off to a good start!

C-table Convenience

Highly underrated, a C table is one of the most hardworking accessory tables you can own. Its shape and small size not only make it an affordable and versatile space saver, but also makes it a perfect mobile desk. Simply position your C table near comfy seating and natural light, and you have an instant mini-office any day of the week.

Standing Desk Options

Any piece of furniture with drawers can be considered a potential workstation, especially if you need some space for office supplies. If a chair doesn’t work with it, like with a chest of drawers, just use it as a standing desk and reap the health benefits — better posture, less back pain and more calories burned.

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