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7 Surprising Ways to Give Your Home Office a Boost

7 Surprising Ways to Give Your Home Office a Boost

Use these unexpected upgrades to maximize style and function in your home office, while also helping you focus on your work.

Incorporate Stress-Reducing Plants

Even if it’s just a single plant on your desk, incorporating foliage into your workspace can help reduce stress and give you a reason to keep your desktop free of clutter. In addition, studies propose that plants increase productivity in office settings. From a purely design-based viewpoint, plants are a great way to introduce color and texture to a room. Don’t have a green thumb? Consider a faux plant. Today’s varieties are quite convincing and don’t require anything from you.

Enhance Your Work Surface

Choosing the look and feel of your work surface is a huge benefit of remote working. Durable, easy to clean, low-maintenance and surprisingly affordable, Formica laminate in a dark color makes a great alternative to traditional desktops. Available in a wide range of styles, including a luxe stone look, this material can be customized to fit your space and furniture. Plus, no more ink stains or coffee rings!

Go With Supportive Flooring

Especially important for standing desks, incorporating anti-fatigue floor mats in your home office can provide support and reduce discomfort caused by being on your feet for long periods of time. Simply choose the best size and material for your situation. Alternatively, an area rug paired with a generous rug pad can also offer relief underfoot. For a more significant solution, cork flooring provides cushioned support that is ideal for standing desks.

Increase Focus by Dividing Your Workspace

Fast and easy to integrate into your home, room dividers can be used to hide clutter, serve as a backdrop for virtual meetings, and separate workspace from a larger room. The best part? They don’t require structural or permanent changes. With the recent work-from-home trend, room dividers are seeing a popularity boom so a wide range of options are available. You should have no problem finding the right size, look or features needed. Folding-style room dividers are easy to move or store if your workspace shares living space and must be converted back at the end of each work session. Cube storage units or freestanding bookshelves make for a more permanent solution and serve double-duty as storage space.

Add Inspirational Artwork

Eye-catching artwork that inspires you can bring many benefits — both personally and professionally. All it takes is a few pieces, thoughtfully curated, for your motivation and productivity to see big increases. Also, by adding attractive decorative objects or visual interest around your desk and near your computer, you’ll be giving your tired eyes a place to rest. This combats eyestrain and fatigue that accompanies extended periods of screen time.

Upgrade Lighting Using Color-Changing Bulbs

Any converted workspace that wasn’t initially designed as office space may be in need of a lighting upgrade. Your home office should ideally have a mix of natural light, task lighting (focused light for a specific area), and ambient lighting (overall lighting). Popular and effective choices for office lighting include adjustable desk lamps that feature various color temperatures. According to recent studies, warmer light (leaning more yellow) has shown to boost creativity, while cooler light (leaning blue) enhances concentration. There is even an indication that lighting types can influence decision-making. For static office spaces, many of today’s light fixtures are cordless and can be moved about as needed.

Use Wall Space for Planning Purposes

While computers have taken over many office duties, like file storage and research, planning is one of those tasks where sometimes a hands-on approach is best. Consider designating an area of your office’s wallspace for planning by framing large pieces of sheet metal to create low-cost magnetic boards — ideal for displaying to-do lists, updating plans and keeping project details handy.

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