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7 Steps to Making Your Remodeling Project a Success

7 Steps to Making Your Remodeling Project a Success

Whether you’re a novice remodeler or an expert, or you’re project involves hundreds of dollars or millions, considering these steps as you plan and you’ll be well on your way to success.

1. Put resale value on the back burner.

While resale value is important, it should be less of a concern than whether you will enjoy the project. By focusing purely on the future value of a project, you’ll ensure a run-of-the-mill result that you don’t fully enjoy. Plus, chances are the project will be remodeled again when the house is sold.

2. Go for gold the first time around.

A daunting prospect, home remodeling is full of hazards: too little funds, cost overruns, ballooning budgets. But when in the very beginning stages of planning your project, throw caution to the wind and put everything you want into the budget. Don’t make assumptions about prices and budget, and don’t make cuts until you need to cut.

Once everything is on the table and the full scope of the home remodel is laid out, look at the initial estimates. If they don’t meet the budget, then it’s time to scale back.

3. Pinpoint your end goal.

For instance, instead of focusing on a straightforward 14×16-foot addition, your end goal might be “a comfortable family room.” When you turn specifics into a more general statement or idea, it helps professionals work with those goals and your budget to accommodate your family and activities, and how and where they will fit into the home.

4. Gather home remodeling inspiration you like.

Books, magazines, online inspiration boards — the more visual items you can gather, the better. Folders of clippings and electronic files of what inspires you will help the design and remodeling experts involved in your project identify patterns, trends and themes that you like and may not even realize. And the more gathered, the clearer it is for them.

5. Get a general idea of remodeling budgets.

While some home remodelers are quite savvy and experienced, some may not have any idea what to expect financially when it comes to their project. Consider asking friends and family what they spent and seeking out online resources for a general idea.

That being said, keep in mind that every project is different. Location, contractors, designers, and circumstances (planned and unplanned) make it so that no two home remodel is going to be exactly the same.

6. Interview your home remodeling experts.

Finding contractors, designers and other reliable professionals to work on your project is one of the more intimidating aspects of remodeling. A good place to start is local chapters of homebuilders and remodelers. After you identify a few, look further to see if they have any additional professional designations. Generally, remodelers that go out of their way to join organizations take their craft seriously.

From here, check their web presence and any portfolio they might have. Request to see both a completed job and a work in progress so that you can get an idea of the quality of their work, as well as get a feel of what a project with them would be like in your home.

7. Open and honest communication.

This is hands down the most important part of a successful home remodel. Regular meetings and open communication are absolutely imperative. If there is anything bothering you, no matter how small, talk to your professionals. Everyone needs to be on the same page.

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