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7 Remodel Rules You Have Permission to Break

7 Remodel Rules You Have Permission to Break

Some rules are meant to be broken — especially when it comes to these seven rules of remodeling. If you’re pinching pennies, use this guide to upgrade your space without breaking the bank.

Rule 1: Repair or replace unsightly flooring.

How to Break It: Skip over the hard work and expense that comes with repairing or replacing floors and break out the paint. Not only can a fresh coat of color add a rustic feel, it will breathe new life into older floors — minus the big price tag.

Rule 2: Stick to a Room’s Original Use

How to Break It: Reimagine your blueprint and turn the spot into something unique and more enjoyable — especially if you have extra space. Repurpose areas into rec rooms, playrooms, a dedicated bar room, or even a garden room. Your options are limitless.

Rule 3: Keep a small space simple.

How to Break It: Make a statement by going bold with color. Vibrant hues will not only brighten the room up, but also create a feeling of openness. Embrace the unexpected, such as painting your vanity orange, to give the small space richness and dimension.

Rule 4: A table and chairs must match.

How to Break It: Bring your grandma’s furniture up to speed with a modern take on dining room style by contrasting and complementing your table and chairs. Mix and match colors and design for an eclectic and curated look sure to spice up meal time.

Rule 5: Keep work spaces utilitarian.

How to Break It: Inject some fun! Washing laundry is definitely not the most pleasant task, but it’s much more manageable when done in a space you love. So go ahead — give it some personality. Available in a wide range of colors and designs, peel-and-stick wallpaper is an easy and affordable option for upgrading workrooms. Decorated walls will give the room some character and pizzazz.

Rule 6: Use only one big pattern per room.

How to Break It: Mix several patterns that share a common color. Start by choosing a main bold print, then simply add in patterned undertones from within. By repeating common colors from pattern to pattern throughout the room, you help extend your design and create a more cohesive look.

Rule 7: Strip out an odd old bathroom and start fresh.

How to Break It: Skip the remodel and go for a cosmetic upgrade instead. After all, just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s broken. Camouflage minor flaws and be sure to pay attention to small details, like using the same paint on your window panes and vanity to tie the room together. Your ultimate goal is a unified and integrated space that looks fresh, clean and stylish.

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