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7 Kitchen Storage Solutions You Can Make Yourself

7 Kitchen Storage Solutions You Can Make Yourself

Use these simple DIY projects to create a more organized kitchen for yourself. And don’t worry about cost — repurposed items and inexpensive materials are all you need.

1. Pegboard Storage Wall

Pegboard panels mounted on an unused or awkward kitchen wall is a great way to boost storage. For instance, a narrow strip of wallspace can be covered from floor to ceiling in pegboard, while basic hooks keep an assortment of kitchen necessities close at hand, such as cutting boards, cookware and utensils.

2. Drawer Improvements

With just a few wood dowels and some pegboard panels, kitchen drawers can be upgraded to organize cookware lids. Simply line the inside of a deep, wide drawer with the pegboard and insert the dowels into corresponding holes on each side of the drawer to create dividers. The lids slide in vertically between the dowels for an easy-access solution.

Another easy drawer organizing project is making custom drawer dividers. If your kitchen suffers from messy drawer syndrome, this just might be the cure. All you need are some low-cost craft boards and wood glue. Then you simply modify the board dimensions to fit utensils, silverware, or other kitchen items.

3. DIY Kitchen Island

Create your own slim-profile kitchen island by affixing a slab of granite on top of a console table. A salvaged slab of granite can often be found from a local supplier. If you’d like your kitchen island to double as a breakfast bar, simply use a larger piece of granite that hangs over on both sides of the table.

4. Recycled Glass Jar Storage

When spruced up, recycled glass jars make charming kitchen storage for small items like silverware or utensils. To dress them up, use a mixture of food coloring, water and decoupage medium to tint the jars. Put the jars in a heated oven to set the color.

5. Serving Cart Storage

A secondhand serving cart can easily be outfitted for extra kitchen storage. For example, crates or storage boxes can be added to the lower shelf to hold big, bulky items like baking sheets and cutting boards. Smaller objects can be corralled in containers or on a tray placed atop the cart. The best part? This storage solution is mobile!

6. Toolbox Serving Caddy

Give an old wooden tool caddy new life by transforming it into a carry-all for serving essentials. Simply freshen it up with a coat of milk paint if you prefer a vintage look, or spray paint it a bold color for a more modern aesthetic. Insert jars or other containers inside the caddy to hold small things like silverware and taper candles. When it’s time to prepare the table, just grab your caddy and transport your necessities with ease.

7. Countertop Ladder Shelf

Repurpose an old stepladder by converting it into countertop shelving. Begin by using a drill to take off the back legs. Next, cut the ladder to size and secure it against the wall behind your countertop so that you can figure out shelf placement. Finally, glue and screw shelves onto the rungs and paint the entire unit.

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