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7 Items to Keep Out of Your Entryway

7 Items to Keep Out of Your Entryway

If you struggle with a cluttered entryway, use this handy guide to sort between what should stay and what items need to find a new home.

Out-of-Season Items

You’re not going to need a bulky parka hanging by the front door in July. Instead, designate a coat closet or storage bins under your bed for stashing out-of-season items. Not only will you have less clutter in your entryway, you’ll also be able to find the items you need quicker.

More Than One Pair of Shoes

While there is nothing wrong with stashing a pair of shoes by the front door for those spur of the moment dashes outside, don’t let your entryway become a shoe closet. Allow each member of your family to keep only one pair of shoes in the entryway at a time. All other shoes should be stored in shoe racks, individual closets or drawers.

A Bicycle

As much as you like the peace of mind and convenience of having your bike inside, it is simply too bulky for most entryways. Instead, it should be kept in the garage (if you have one), or locked to a sturdy, covered structure outside. If there is no way around keeping your bike inside, consider hanging it on a wall rack to save floor space rather than stuffing it inside the door.

Linens and Laundry

Because entryways are prone to germs and grime from people coming in and out of the door, it makes a poor place to stash linens and fresh laundry. What is the right place? A linen closet, bathroom closet or other more protected spaces.

Important Documents

An entryway is a popular spot to keep and sort mail, but be very careful what documents are left out. Never leave important papers with personal information, like tax returns or bank receipts, by the front door. Instead, keep them in a home office, a safe, or store them safely under your bed.


Although the last thing you feel like doing after a trip is unpacking, avoid keeping bulky, unsightly luggage in the entryway. Suitcases and duffel bags are best kept under a bed or in the basement (if you have one).

The one exception? Vintage suitcases. Feel free to stack them under a table or bench for a stylish storage solution.

Fragile Items

With close proximity to sometimes unpredictable outdoor weather conditions, entryways make poor spots for favorite family heirlooms or breakables. Instead, store fragile items, like vases or glassware, on a mantel or safely tucked inside a china cabinet in the living room.

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