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7 Creative Ways to Freshen Up Interior Doors

7 Creative Ways to Freshen Up Interior Doors

Looking for a way to jazz up your dull interior doors? Consider these inexpensive and fun updates that are sure to put the fab in fabulous!

Paper the Windows on Glass Doors

Vintage maps, paper with decorative cutouts, frosted-look contact paper, or even favorite pages from an old book are great insets to add interest and privacy to windowed French doors. If your insets of choice do not have their own adhesive, try a bit of double-sided tape for a subtle hold.

Paint a Paneled Door

If done right, painting a paneled door can be simple and provide a dramatic lift to your space. To make the job as easy as possible, remove the door from the frame and take off the hardware. Then, lightly sand the door. If it has never been painted before, add a coat of primer. Last, paint the sections in the following order: Panels, vertical stiles, horizontal stiles, outer frame. It’s as simple as that!

Add Molding to a Flat Door

Whether you’re going for a simple design or one that is ornate, you can achieve the look of a costly paneled door without the expense.

1. First, choose your molding, brush on a coat of primer, and a coat of paint in your desired color. Hint: Painting the trim a shade lighter than the actual door will make it stand out.

2. Next, use a miter saw to cut pieces to the lengths needed. Drill small pilot holes into the trim to accommodate trim nails. This will help avoid splitting the wood.

3. From here, apply wood glue to the back of each trim piece and apply to the door in your desired design.

4. Once the glue is dry, tap the trim nails into the predrilled holes for more security.

5. Fill the holes with wood putty, sand when dry, and paint.

Change the Hardware

Boost any room’s style statement by upgrading those old doorknobs. Simplify installation by purchasing hardware with the same number and placement of screws as the original. In addition, be sure to make sure the latching mechanism fits into the door the same way or else you’ll have to drill and patch to finish the job.

Paint Your Hinges

Instead of buying new hinges to match newly installed hardware, consider repainting the hinges to match. Simply remove the hinges and screws from the door, stick the screws in florist’s foam so that they stand up on their own and spray the tops with metallic spray paint. Then stand the hinges on newspaper and spray both sides. When dry, change the angle of each hinge and paint again. Reinstall hinges and rehang the door.

Stencil It

If you’re looking for a bit more punch in your home, you don’t have to settle for plain doors. Choose an eye-catching stencil, grab a paintbrush and start creating!

Build Your Own Pet Door

By cutting down an interior door and adding a screened section in the bottom portion, you can keep your furry friends corralled and safe, but allow them to feel like part of the action.

One way to achieve this is to remove your existing solid-core door and all of its hardware, and saw off the top of the door several inches above the middle hinge. Next, cut out a section in the middle of the remaining door and replace it with screening — either route out a groove, or layer the screening on the back of the door and cover the edges with molding. From here, cut and attach a shelf for across the top of the door. Prime and paint the door, reattach the hardware and rehang.

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