Friday , May 27 2022

6 Simple Ways to Perk Up Your Patio

6 Simple Ways to Perk Up Your Patio

Nothing is more stress relieving and relaxing than spending time outside. Why not give your outdoor or patio space the love it deserves by giving it a pick-me-up? It might just encourage even more outdoor time!

Luxe Lighting

Get creative with your overhead pendant lighting by employing an unusual shade that transmits light. It can be just about any container, from large glass jars to open-weave baskets. Simply thread the cord through one end, screw in the bulb and a glass globe, and you’re all set! Try hanging a grouping of them to make even more of a statement.

Tall Garden Containers

Whether flanking a doorway, tucked in a corner or marking a path, the impact of tall garden containers filled with bright blossoms cannot be underestimated. They add architecture and visual weight to any outdoor room. Hint: Give sunny yellow flowers in a black and white pot a try for extra eye-catching appeal.

Warm Welcome

Find yourself a special doormat to greet and welcome guests. You can even buy a stencil and hand-paint one yourself to get the exact look or design you need.

Bring the Inside Out

When setting up an outdoor table, there’s no reason it can’t bear the same flourishes as an indoor one. Cloth linens, real glassware, gorgeous centerpieces — just about everything that adorns a dining table — will transfer to the patio with no problem.

Wildflower Bouquets

Nothing could be more simple than wildflower bouquets grouped on a tabletop! Forget the fancy vases, just grab whatever jars you have empty, remove the labels and fill them with colorful and vibrant wildflowers. They’re sure to brighten any space and add some much needed character.

Fun Fabrics

Outdoor fabrics that stand up to bright sunlight and humidity have come a long way. Softer and available in a wide range of fresh colors and patterns, you can furnish your outdoor patio with cushions, pillows and curtains and be as trendy as you want to be. So get creative, and add some spice to your space!

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