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5 Warm-Weather DIY Home Improvement Projects to Try

5 Warm-Weather DIY Home Improvement Projects to Try

Easy and affordable, add these DIY home improvement projects to your summer to-do list and improve overall value and livability.

Declutter a room or the entire house.

You can either choose the spot in your home that needs decluttering the most or go all-in on an entire house organization project. The best part? Decluttering doesn’t cost anything but time. In fact, you can even make money by selling the unneeded items that no longer bring you joy. If you want to be really smart, consider devoting any earnings toward other home improvements.

In addition, decluttering and purging unnecessary belongings can free up room in your home and inspire other home improvement ideas. Plus, summer’s warm weather makes it the perfect time to clean and air out those easily overlooked areas, like sheds, garages and basements.

Revitalize your home with paint.

The warm weather also makes summertime ideal for moving forward on larger paint projects around the home. If you’ve been holding back on repainting certain areas, like entire rooms or an exterior project, now is the time. A little paint goes a long way when it comes to breathing new life into tired spaces. Plus, the warm weather allows paint to cure correctly, which ultimately ensures it lasts longer.

What makes painting an excellent DIY choice is that it’s low risk and high reward — any mistakes made can be easily fixed. A well-done paint project, where repairs are made and a quality job is executed, can add value and have a huge overall impact. Plus, paint is relatively inexpensive, costing just $15 to $50 per gallon. More expensive paints typically cover better and last longer.

Evaluate your gutters.

Although not the most exciting home improvement project, gutter cleaning and maintenance is one that should not be overlooked. Gutters play a big role in protecting your home against storms as well as the harsh winter months. A wet spring coming on the heels of winter can really do a job on gutters and downspouts. Ignoring gutter upkeep means trouble down the road and can result in complete replacement or worse — foundation damage, interior leaks and floods, or landscaping erosion. This is serious damage that would cost much more to deal with than simply cleaning and maintaining your gutters.

All that is required for gutter cleaning is a ladder, a cleaning attachment for your garden hose, a gutter scoop, a bucket, and some heavy gloves. Installing a gutter guard is a great option for protecting gutters and preventing leaves and other objects from collecting in them.

Revamp outdoor areas.

Summer presents the perfect opportunity to show your yard some attention as well. After all, it’s likely you’re spending more time outside enjoying the beautiful weather. While it’s true that some outdoor renovation projects can be costly, there are straightforward improvements you can do yourself that won’t break the bank. For example, landscaping your front yard can add curb appeal and increase property value. Simply put in some flower gardens made up of various aesthetically pleasing perennials that are low maintenance, such as hydrangeas and lupines. Another high-impact DIY project to try is incorporating flowers or plants leading up the walkway to your front entrance.

As for the backyard, clean it up by removing any dead or overgrown plants, shrubs or trees, and find yourself some nice patio furniture. Or give your existing patio furniture a boost with a fresh coat of paint. Incorporating outdoor string lights is another high-impact addition that will take your outdoor space to a new level.

Clean or replace HVAC filters.

Another highly important but tedious home project for summer is maintaining the filters on your HVAC unit. Unlike gutters, however, this job is a quick one. It’s important because dirty filters can circulate allergens — including dust and mold — throughout your house when the air conditioning is turned on for the summer, which causes allergies. To keep your HVAC system clean, just find the unit vent, unscrew it, and then clean or replace the filters. For the best protection, try to find filters featuring a MERV rating between 8 and 13.

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