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5 Steps to Solving Storage Trouble Spots

5 Steps to Solving Storage Trouble Spots

Whether it’s your kitchen counter, office desk, a closet or bedside table, even the most organized homes often have that one area that accumulates clutter. Use these five steps to eliminate your storage trouble spots for good.

Identify Storage Trouble Spots

When it comes to getting organized and staying organized, the key is to identify and resolve your biggest trouble spots. Regardless of what area you’re trying to organize, pinpoint the spots that you always seem to come back to — a kitchen counter, for instance, that is a catch-all for mail, office supplies and other clutter. Then, create a solution where all these random items have a dedicated home near the trouble spot.

Look for Wasted Space

In your search for solutions to storage trouble spots, try to find areas that aren’t being fully utilized. For instance, if organizing a closet, take note of the wasted space behind the back of the door. Then find the best way to make use of it to address your needs — like installing towel bars or over-the-door shelving. Alternatively, think of ways you can organize more efficiently and arrange items to better use your space.

Find Storage Solutions that Actually Work

After you’ve identified your storage trouble spots and found areas of wasted space, it’s time to look for storage pieces that will actually work and be a long term solution. The goal is to save time and energy by taking care of the problem so that you don’t have to address it again. Therefore, seek out more customized storage pieces that fit your space. Before you shop, be sure to take good measurements so that you can get creative and maximize all your areas of wasted space.

Repurposed Organizers

To make an even bigger impact, see if any of the items currently adding to your clutter can be used as organizational helpers. In other words, try shopping your own home for creative storage pieces before going out to buy new ones. For instance, can magazine holders be repurposed to store items like water bottles in a kitchen cabinet? Can an extra basket from your closet be used in a cabinet to hold linens or plastic storage containers? Get creative!

Add Finishing Touches

Once a former trouble spot in your home has been successfully organized with new storage solutions, go over it a final time to see if any smaller storage containers can be added to help keep the clutter at bay even more. For example, by placing small bins, jars and baskets on a shelf or in a corner, you’re offering even more storage opportunities, which will ultimately help keep the space organized once and for all.

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