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5 Simple Springtime Organizing Projects to Tackle Each Year

5 Simple Springtime Organizing Projects to Tackle Each Year

Spring is the perfect time to hit the reset button on your home — clean out winter’s dirt and grime, and get rid of that clutter. Use these five organizing projects to start over with a more streamlined space.

Keep in mind that just as important as springtime deep cleaning sessions are, annual organizing goes hand-in-hand and does wonders to refresh your home living experience.

Bathroom Cabinets and Drawers

Sort out the place where toiletries are stored every spring. To begin, remove everything from the drawer or cabinet and wipe down the entire space. Once clean, only put back the items you really want. Go through your meds and check expiration dates. Properly dispose of those that are expired or no longer useful. Consider putting stylish bins and drawer inserts to work for you to contain bathroom items. As a bonus, this will make next year’s cleaning session easier!


Does your wardrobe still fit your style and current needs? Springtime is a great time to go through your closet and take stock. Keep in mind that this process will most likely require you to ask yourself some difficult questions, like whether you’ll realistically fit into that size again. While the standard threshold on whether you should purge clothing is if you’ve worn it in the last 12 months, this year is a bit different. What you can focus on instead is keeping those clothing items that you wear consistently and feel good in. It’s an empowering feeling looking into a closet full of things you really want and love.

If there’s enough room, a small section can be left for clothes that you may not be able to fit into now, but hope to someday. Just be sure to keep it reasonable. You don’t want to give up valuable space for items that aren’t being used.

Kids Rooms

Kids learn and grow so quickly when they’re young that it’s important to keep up with the accumulation of books, games and toys. At least once per year, declutter and reorganize their playrooms and bedrooms. It’s likely that the toys they played with a year ago aren’t part of their current favorites. For best results, ask the kids to help weed out what to keep and what to donate. That way they can feel like they have some say in what happens in their space. Plus, it makes them more likely to keep things neat in the long run.

One kid-friendly organization trick that works like magic is color coordinating. Not only do kids understand this system, they can help set it up and maintain it. For example, have them arrange their books and clothes by color so they know exactly where to put items away later.

Cosmetics Bag or Drawer

Did you know beauty products expire? It’s something that people don’t usually think about, but they do. Makeup and skincare products require a regular check to make sure they’re still okay to use. To start, take everything out of your makeup drawer, vanity or bag and toss out any unwanted or expired products. It’s a great time to assess what you like, need more of, or never want to buy again. Clean out the area and put back only those items you love and use. Use containers or drawer inserts to better organize the products. When you’re done, all that should be left are your favorites!

Kitchen Pantry

Spring is the perfect time to go through the pantry and check expiration dates. Clear out your pantry and purge expired items and any seasonal products that won’t make it until next time (think canned pumpkin). Once that’s done, wipe down the entire pantry and put the items back. Try arranging them into basic categories like snacks, breakfast items, or sauces and condiments. Find a designated spot for everything. Use baskets or bins to help keep things contained and orderly.

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