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5 Design Mistakes You Should Fix

5 Design Mistakes You Should Fix

Although every home is different, there are certain design mistakes that show up over and over again. If you are guilty of one of them, fear not! There are simple fixes that will leave your home looking like it was designed by an expert.

1. Overlooking the Layout

Many homeowners will spend big money on kitchen renovations, but will not consider changing the actual layout of the area. They’ll swap out countertops and backsplashes and cabinets, but keep everything in the same exact place.

If you are investing in your home, aesthetics are important, but it’s also important to look at the functionality of a space. For instance, if your kitchen is crowded or there is a wall closing off the room, it’s silly to spend money updating it if you’re going to ignore these functional issues. Your home should actually make your life easier.

2. Handling Major Projects Yourself

Unless you are an experienced and skilled professional, refrain from trying to address your own electricity, plumbing or any structural issues with your home. Those areas should not be worked on by an inexperienced person. In fact, attempting these projects could actually compromise or ruin your entire home — not a risk worth taking.

3. Hanging Things Too Low

Most people do not know how to hang window coverings or wall art. With window coverings, they tend to hang the rod too low. To fix this, hang the rod toward the top of the wall, which draws the eye up and gives an illusion of height.

Placing wall art too low on the wall is also a common mistake. Doing so leaves a huge, conspicuous void of space above the art.

4. Choosing the Wrong Rug Size

For the most part, homeowners pick area rugs that are way too small for the floor. To fix this, remember that at least all front furniture legs should fit on the rug. Not only will doing so ground the space, it will make the room feel more put together. If you notice the rugs in your home are too small, don’t necessarily get rid of them. Instead, try layering them on top of larger rugs for a fun and interesting look.

5. Pay Attention to Scale

Another area homeowners tend to have trouble with is knowing how to scale for a room. This happens in two different ways:

The space is too sparse. The room is decorated with furniture that doesn’t fill up the area and leaves it feeling awkward.

The space is cluttered. Someone is trying to fit too many things into the room.

An essential lesson for home decorating, matching your furniture design to your space is not an easy one to master. In fact, even seasoned decorators make these mistakes. Luckily, most slip-ups are easy to fix.

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