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5 Decorating Tips to Showcase Burl Wood

5 Decorating Tips to Showcase Burl Wood

Showcase the stunning natural texture of burl wood in your home by using these five decorating ideas.

Nature has a way of turning imperfections into beauty. Varied textures and uneven coloring brings character and depth to elements like stone and wood, which are gaining in popularity with homeowners looking for ways of incorporating organic and authentic materials into their living spaces. A strong example of this “imperfect perfection” is burl wood, which exhibits one-of-a-kind swirls and knots that can be absolutely gorgeous. Here are some ideas on how to use burl wood in your home decorating to best effect:

1. Statement Furniture

Highlight the dramatic texture of burl wood by integrating statement furniture into your room design. Try to choose pieces with a sizable surface so that the knots of the burl wood are fully showcased. (Think coffee tables, credenzas, or even dining room tables.) Although dining tables aren’t the most exciting furniture choice, that large flat plane is a great way to show off the unique combination of color, texture and depth featured in burl wood.

2. Embrace Faux Options

Since it is a rarity, solid burl wood furniture can be quite expensive. However, veneers that imitate the look of real burl make the aesthetic attainable to those on more modest budgets. You may not own a true, one-of-a-kind burl piece, but the veneer alternative will save a lot of money and still provide the allure of its all-natural equivalent. When seeking out faux wood burl alternatives, try to find patterns that convincingly replicate the random knots and swirls of natural wood without appearing overly repetitive.

3. Use Accent Furniture as Art

The unique markings and gorgeous graining found in burl wood furniture makes it a natural choice to display prominently. Give these pieces their own space and let them shine. Consider items like benches, stools or console tables that can stand on their own when placed against a wall or in a corner as a piece of functional art. Burl wood also makes a great choice for layering in some contrast. For example, using a set of burl wood nightstands to inject a contemporary edge into a more traditional-style bedroom.

4. Small Accessories Add Impact

Smaller burl wood accessories, such as trinket boxes or photo frames, are an effective way to introduce this trend into your home if larger furniture pieces aren’t an option. Consider using a burl wood accessory or two to enhance a bookshelf display or a coffee table. A solitary burl wood frame integrated into a gallery wall can also add impact while highlighting a favorite image.

5. Accent with Bold Color

When adding wood burl into your room’s decor, be sure to pick a color palette that highlights its interesting variations of texture and tone. You can either go for a more organic aesthetic, which would mean complementing the wood with other natural materials and moody earth tones, or go for a bolder look by juxtaposing the burl wood pieces with jewel-tones like cobalt or emerald green.

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