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5 Benefits of Internal Sliding Doors

5 Benefits of Internal Sliding Doors

Beautiful, flexible and space saving — what’s not to love about internal sliding doors?

Modern architecture especially emphasizes openness and fluidity. Sliding doors provide that, in addition to several other important features including a sense of flow through a house that regular swing doors simply cannot.

1. Flexible

While contemporary homes with open floor plans are well-suited to modern lifestyles, having the option to separate one area from another is advantageous. Using internal sliding doors for this purpose is ideal, as homeowners can section off certain rooms from the rest of the home as needed. For instance, using a sliding door in between a child’s room and playroom, or closing off the kitchen from the rest of the home during a get-together.

2. Save Space

Regular swing doors require space to accommodate the arc of the door as it opens. That’s not the case with sliding doors. Whether they stack or slide into a recess in the wall, sliding doors are perfect for small homes and tight spaces. For instance, a sliding door between two connecting rooms, or even two areas within a room, enables you to join the two spaces into one large space or keep them separate. Another space saving option is to use a sliding door in a tiny half bathroom, which allows for more inside space.

3. Create Flow

Because they can open up spaces completely, meaning there isn’t a swinging door in the way, sliding doors are great for creating flow between rooms without any clunkiness. And as you can imagine, the wider the opening between rooms, the more flow sliding doors can create.

When you think of sliding doors, do not be put off by the unsightly ones of yesterday. Nowadays, the door hardware can be recessed into the door frame so that the tracks are not visible, providing a seamless look that maximizes space.

4. Allow Light In

Sliding doors with glass are a perfect option for dividing two spaces, without cutting off light. This is a wonderful option between kitchen and dining/living areas. When the sliding doors are open, there is one large room and a flow that doesn’t necessitate the opening and shutting of a door. But, for instance, after the meal is over, you can simply close the sliding door to block off the kitchen and all the mess without removing the added light source from the rest of the area.

5. Add Character and Style

Endless style options are available on the market today when it comes to sliding doors. In addition, they are a great way to use recycled materials. Simply convert an old or collectible door into a sliding door, and you will add a ton of personality and architectural interest to your space.

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