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4 Hot Gardening Trends to Try This Year

4 Hot Gardening Trends to Try This Year

With more people than ever finding stress-relief and exercise by working in their yard, this year looks to be even bigger. Here are four spring gardening trends that will be big for gardeners, whether new or seasoned.

1. More Elaborate Food Gardens

One of the biggest reasons millions of new gardeners hit the scene last year was to be more self-sufficient. Edible gardening grew exponentially as people focused on growing their own food. The same is expected this year, in even bigger numbers and with more elaborate gardens.

While growing food for you and your family makes up most of the trend, the other big part is giving away any extra veggies to neighbors, friends or others in the community. The movement has grown large enough so that there are now organizations accepting homegrown produce and encouraging gardeners to donate their extras to those in need.

2. Add More Outdoor Living Space

Since 2020 has forced us all to get well-acquainted with our own four walls, another huge trend for 2021 is expanding our indoor space to the outside. The backyard is the new living room. Basically, it combines the best of both worlds — your personalized indoor comforts and the contentment one feels when out in nature.

When hopping on this trend, it’s important to look into privacy screening options like hedges or fencing, as well as a way to provide shade in the summer months. A fire pit for chilly nights is also a good idea.

3. Embrace Bright, Bold Tropicals

Bring a little magic to your garden with exotic tropical plants. Tropical “nooks” in landscape design — filled with plants like elephant’s ear, banana plants and bromeliads — are making a huge impact as people try to break out of their norm and seek out different experiences.

To apply this trend in your life, consider starting with something temporary, such as a container annual on your patio or deck. If you like it, add more or make them permanent. Container favorites include Canna ‘Bengal Tiger’ or Tropicanna® Gold, and Red Abyssinian banana. As for gorgeous tropical blooms to bring vibrant color, try mandevilla vines and tuberose begonias.

4. Incorporate Unusual Houseplants

Spending all this time at home has everyone adding to their houseplant collections at a higher rate than normal, and this year will be no different. Expected to be especially popular are easy-care varieties like philodendrons, aglaonemas, and anthuriums, as well as plants in the Hoya genus. The goal is to make homes more livable and workable, with plants playing a huge role in that.

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