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3 Big Reasons to Hire a Lighting Designer

3 Big Reasons to Hire a Lighting Designer

Lighting is more than just electricity. When done right, it can significantly improve mood and safety, harness the latest technologies, and highlight a designer’s vision to full effect. Here’s why you should hire a lighting professional.

1. Help Accent a Vision

There is no use having a beautiful home if you aren’t able to see it. When you hire a good lighting designer, they understand the importance of supporting your creative vision, as well as that of your architect and interior designer. They are there to enhance your home through carefully planned illumination.

Whether you are aware of it or not, your perception of everything is affected by light. So, when you enter a room and flip the light switch, lighting designers can make it so you see what you want to see in that space. As an example, the same bathroom can feel like a prison cell or a spa just by changing the lighting.

2. Technological Know-How

With great advances in lighting technology over the last decade, we are at a time where it is equally as easy to use lighting to craft an amazing space, or to make it garish and uncomfortable.

Despite these technological advances, many homes are using features and solutions from 40 years ago. A lighting designer can help bring you up-to-date so that you can take advantage of current techniques and breakthroughs, such as layering lighting in a room from floor to ceiling, or choosing the perfect color temperature bulbs for your space. They can also help you select and install smart-home technology that will automatically adjust your lighting throughout the day. In addition, lighting designers actively stay current on the newest technologies so they can pinpoint the ones that will enhance your home where it would help you most.

3. Quality of Life

An experienced lighting designer can tell you the typical poor lighting horror stories in many houses — such as trying to relax in the bathtub with lights that shine right in your face; ceiling-lit-only living rooms; or shadowy kitchen countertops. Luckily, they come prepared with a wide range of techniques to improve lighting quality.

Light, when designed well, has the ability to not only make your home look better, but also make you feel better. In fact, there are studies that show proper lighting can trigger neurological responses in the human brain that helps in improving mood.

This need we have for more light increases as we age, but too often the lighting in our homes never changes to accommodate it. When you hire a lighting designer, they should be able to design a space for your needs now and in the future. Light is essential to help us balance better and lower the risk of falls as we age in place.

In conclusion, there are dedicated and talented professional lighting designers who spend their entire lives studying the science and art of light so that they can help people live a better life. Let them help you!

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