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14 Ways to Cozy Up Your Living Room

14 Ways to Cozy Up Your Living Room

The living room is typically a place for comfort and relaxing with family and friends. So what do you do if yours doesn’t have the cozy feels? Here are a few ideas:

Luxe Fabrics
Adding lush, rich textures like fur or velvet will instantly make any room feel much cozier. Make sure they complement your existing décor, of course, but by incorporating a velvet pillow here and a faux fur throw there, your cozy meter will go up several notches.

Embrace Historic Architecture
For those working with an old home and a more contemporary design aesthetic, consider hanging onto the period architecture and incorporating it with the newer furnishings. The old works with the new to create a sense of timeless comfort.

Oversized Sectional
Is there anything more inviting than an oversized sectional sofa? It can be the perfect solution to creating an immediate atmosphere of casual comfort. And if done right, a sectional can be a bridge from coziness to sophisticated – where the kids feel comfortable enough to roll around, but you can also host more serious adult gatherings.

TIP: Instead of a classic coffee table, consider an upholstered ottoman to make your space more comfy. An oversized upholstered ottoman with a soft silhouette could easily transition from entertaining needs, to adults resting their feet or small kids jumping and playing.

Conversation Circle
The furniture-arranging trick that never fails: the classic conversation circle. And it doesn’t have to feel overly formal or outdated. You can create a comfortable, laid-back atmosphere using oversized, upholstered swivel chairs or lean more toward the traditional sofa-and-chair layout. Either way, mission accomplished – a comfy atmosphere conducive to conversation and togetherness.

Focus on the Fireplace
Are you fortunate enough to have a fireplace? Give it center stage and let it shine! Inherently cozy, the fireplace brings with it automatic comfort, so any space designed around the fireplace has warmth and relaxation built in. Try curating the accessories and artwork that surround the fireplace so that they draw the eye in.

Large Photos
Try incorporating large-scale photos into your living room space. Meaningful photography has the ability to create intimacy in a way that standard artwork cannot. From a design standpoint, black and white photos work especially well.

Rustic Accents
When working with light-colored walls, layering in warmth is important. One way to do that is to bring the outdoors in by incorporating organic, rustic elements like a reclaimed wood mantel, installing natural wood beams, plank walls or floors, or a adding a handmade wood accent table.

Simple Tonal Palette
Simplicity is calming for people with busy, hectic lives. If this is you, try using a tonal palette with a minimal use of pattern. Swap out patterned draperies and pillows for solids and instead use pattern in rugs and architectural details. Pick one color and incorporate varying shades of it throughout the room.

Floor Lamps
Lighting is essential in creating a cozy living room atmosphere, and lamp light is what emits that perfectly soft, warm glow you need. Instead of sticking with basic table lamps to achieve this, consider using floor lamps. Whether displayed alone as a statement piece or layered with a side table, floor lamps create more visual interest and draw your eye in.

Pillow Power
Budget friendly, soft and practical, pillows are an instant way to bring texture, pattern and color to your living room. Layer them on your sofa and chairs, and the end result is a cozy room no one wants to leave.

Area Rugs
We all know that a rug-clad floor is much cozier than a bare one. Not only do they soften the space and encourage warmth, rugs add depth and can be used to create zones within a spacious room, allowing a more intimate atmosphere.

Interesting Bookshelves
Fill your bookshelves with books and accessories, mixing new and old, fun and meaningful. Carefully arrange them paying attention to the combination of textures within each shelf. By creating layers within bookcases, you not only add depth and character to the space, you unlock a key factor in making a room feel warm and intimate.

Houseplants and Greenery
Going back to the “bring the outside in” theory for a cozy space, let’s not forget about houseplants. Nature has a way of simplifying and slowing down our fast paced lives. Similarly, plants create an organic sense of calmness in a room. Don’t have a green thumb? Fresh-cut greenery can bring the same warmth and comfort that houseplants do.

Dark-Colored Walls
While all-white walls are still trending, dark-colored interiors are on the rise, and many have been surprised at the sense of intimacy dark walls, or even just a dark accent wall brings. Instead of feeling heavy or dim, dark-hued interiors can actually be the opposite. For instance, in a room with dark walls and light trim, the contrast actually brings the focus to the windows and the light from the windows. The result? A room that feels warm and dramatic, but still bright.

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