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14 Ways to Amp Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

14 Ways to Amp Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

As we all know, first impressions are important — and that goes for your home as well. Here are a few simple ideas for adding style and upping your house’s curb appeal.

Cozy Front Porch

Create an inviting front porch atmosphere that says “Welcome” and you’ll have your neighbors swooning. Put together an area just begging for visitors to sit and chat. Add a swing or a couple rocking chairs, a few hanging and potted plants, strategically placed side tables, and some patterned throw pillows, and you’re well on your way.

Bold Color

Nothing does more for a home’s curb appeal than a fresh coat of paint. By choosing a bold color pairing, such as navy blue and light pink, you’ll guarantee your home isn’t just another cookie-cutter home in a long line of cookie-cutter homes.

Wood Details

If bold color isn’t your thing, try using natural wood accents to boost your home’s appearance. A wooden entry door, window boxes or other custom exterior details really make an impression.

Another attention-getting feature to consider is natural wood siding. When used in tandem with regular siding, the wood pops against the rest of the exterior and provides texture that makes the home fun to look at.

Upgraded House Numbers

Let people know your home is something special with extraordinary house numbers. There are many creative options available, including laser-cut wooden and rock plaques for that modern, chic vibe.

Well-Manicured Lawn

You can make as many changes as you like to your home’s exterior, but none of them will be noticed if your yard is wild and unkempt. Maintain a healthy, manicured lawn and your home will be noticed for all the right reasons.

Stone Pathway

Add charm to your entryway with a simple stone or brick pathway. Not only will you create an inviting look, you’ll no longer have to deal with muddy footprints or sunken heels!

Landscape Lighting

Strategically illuminate your home to showcase all of its best features with landscape lighting. Be sure to accent a home’s unique architecture, tidy landscaping and any interesting shrubbery.

You can also line the pathway to your door with stylish outdoor lights for a welcoming touch.

Open Door

One of the heavy hitters when it comes to curb appeal is the front door. Add an inviting and elegant touch to your home’s exterior with a door featuring large glass panels.

Or for an inexpensive lift that really packs a punch, try painting your front door. Bright colors are an easy way to give your home a fun, fresh look.

Container Garden

If your home has no space for a flower bed, try incorporating a vibrant container garden. This option is convenient and allows you to easily swap out plants at will.

Eye-Catching Shutters

Unsure what color to choose for your shutters? Take a hint from your environment! If your home is surrounded by lush greenery, try a more natural look that blends with it, such as green shutters and a natural wood front door.


With more and more roofing options on the market, it’s easy to find one that works for you. Multi-colored shingles are unique and definitely add interest.

Window Boxes

Quaint and eye-catching, window boxes planted with your favorite greenery or flowering plants make a big statement, especially on smaller homes.

Concrete Driveway

The days of gravel driveways are long gone. Versatile and reliable, concrete is now the norm — and I’m not talking about the basic grey concrete driveway of the past. There are now many color and finishing options from which to choose, some that are so stylish you’d never guess the finished product is concrete.

Green Thumb

Incorporate vibrant flowers to your front yard to add life and vitality. A good mix of plants and flowers creates a combination of color and texture that attracts attention.

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