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12 Quick & Inexpensive Home Improvement Ideas

12 Quick & Inexpensive Home Improvement Ideas

These quick, budget-friendly home improvement projects will help you transform those often overlooked spaces in your home, without breaking the bank. Try one — or more than one — and get your home looking its best!

Boost Kitchen Storage

Up your kitchen storage game by making sure there is ample room for all of the important stuff. Unclaimed wall or corner spaces are perfect prospects for open shelving to keep dishes, spices and cookware within easy reach. Or consider embellishing your existing shelves. Try installing decorative brackets or covering them with fresh paper or fabric. If wine is a staple in your home, mount a wine rack next to cabinetry.

Embellish the Outside Entrance

Millwork is not just for the interior of your home — use it to dress up your entryway as well. Try framing your door surround with millwork and painting it to coordinate with your home exterior. Not only does the millwork add rich character, it pulls elements of indoor style outdoors giving your exterior a sophisticated look.

Another way to polish your entryway is with small accessories, like interesting address numbers, outdoor lighting and a letterbox. Not only do these little details make a lasting impression on guests, they give your exterior a distinct personality.

Bring Your Wood Floor Back to Life

Regular exposure to dirt, dust and foot traffic leaves wood floors looking dull and distressed. Restore your floor’s warmth and shine by polishing it. Use a product specifically designed for hardwood floors. Ideally, wooden floors should be polished once a year, and even more frequently in high-traffic areas.

Fireplace Facelift

A fresh coat of paint does wonders for rejuvenating dated pieces. Try giving your brick fireplace a modern injection with a high-gloss paint. Before you start, be sure to clean it thoroughly to loosen grime. Then apply a stain-blocking primer undercoat to help cover soot stains.

Let There Be Light

Nothing is more mood-enhancing than lighting — it can energize or soothe a space and stylish fixtures are an easy way to make a statement. An interesting pendant, sconce or chandelier instantly boosts a room’s sophistication. The key is to merge style with practicality — create layers of light to address task, accent and ambient lighting needs. For instance, a whimsical chandelier makes a statement above the kitchen sink, but also provides practical, adequate light for prep and cleanup.

Go Modular

Make the most of your space by boosting a blank wall’s style and storage capacity with modular shelving. Use it for display, or fill it with coordinated baskets, boxes and bins to keep storage handy but out of sight. You could also dedicate the space to a specific purpose, such as a game and media area.

Clean Those Carpets

Do you remember the last time your carpets were cleaned? While vacuuming removes surface dirt, dust and hair, a professional cleaning will remove stains, allergens, dust mites and grit, and also prevent mold and mildew in high-humidity areas. The little bit of money spent will revive your carpets and possibly improve your family’s health.

Backsplash for Less

Add a dose of character to your kitchen while protecting walls from splashes and spills with a backsplash! Popular and inexpensive, beaded-board and tile backsplashes are easy to install (you can do it yourself) and give your kitchen an instant lift.

Trimwork and Crown Molding

Consider trimwork and crown molding fashion accessories for walls, doors and windows. They have the ability to take a room to the next level. Whether you’re replacing old trim or starting from scratch, you can easily transform a room in a weekend. Use affordable, off-the-rack moldings or go for a more customized look by layering pieces of crown molding around entryways and ceilings.

Upgrade Your Showerhead

Give yourself the gift of a perfect shower experience! It may seem simple, but changing your showerhead will directly affect your life in a positive way every single day. Consider a handheld or sliding bar showerhead if your shower must accommodate tall adults to small children. They adjust for different heights and are great for pets too!

Repurpose an Armoire

Get creative! With a little paint and some imagination, an old hutch, armoire or bookcase can be transformed into a beverage station. Store bottles and glasses on open shelves for easy access, and use the drawers and cabinets on the bottom for utensils, linens and serving pieces. If you want to get fancy, consider installing hanging storage on the underside of a shelf for wine glasses!

Hassle-free Game Time

Dedicate a central area in your home for often-used games, movies and media. Whether you use a media cabinet, divided shelves, shallow baskets, bins, or a combination of them all to keep the space in order, one thing is for sure — game night will prove to be a lot more fun with a lot less hassle.

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