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12 Potential Storage Spaces You May Have Missed

12 Potential Storage Spaces You May Have Missed

Ever try to find storage in a small room? It’s not an easy feat. Try squeezing extra storage out of overlooked spaces with one of these ideas.

Behind Cabinet Doors

A perfect place for hanging storage is the back of your kitchen cabinet doors. Handy and hidden, it’s ideal for storing items that you use frequently but are often misplaced, such as measuring cups and spoons.


Put your kitchenware on display and make it easily accessible by hanging items on your backsplash. One way to do this is to mount rods and caddies onto the backsplash to create a storage space for pots and utensils.

End of Kitchen Counter

Another great way to store pots and pans in the kitchen is to add hooks to the end of your kitchen island. Convenient yet out of the way, you’ll be able to easily grab what you need for mealtime prep without the hassle of digging through cupboards.

Under Cabinets

If you know someone who is handy, consider having toe-kick drawers installed beneath your kitchen counters to increase storage space. The drawers are an excellent option for kitchen items that get minimal use, such as place mats, tablecloths, and baking pans.

Side of the Bed

Don’t have room for a bedside table? No problem, just get a bedside caddy instead. They either slip right into your bed frame or between your mattress and box spring, and can hold your phone, books and other nighttime essentials.

Above Doors

Most rooms have dead space between the door and the ceiling. Consider adding a shelf there for extra storage. For instance, if you have a space-challenged bathroom, a simple shelf above your bathroom door can hold extra towels.

On the Fridge

If you’re having a hard time finding the space to store all your spices, try turning the outside of your fridge into a spice rack with magnetic spice jars. Convenient and aesthetically appealing, they bring earthiness and texture to your kitchen. Plus, you’ll be able to get creative and organize them whichever way is best for you — alphabetically, by color, use, and so on.

Under the Bed

Purchase under-bed boxes or baskets and use them to store your extra blankets and off-season clothing. Try to find ones that are covered to prevent dust from gathering.

Head of the Bed

For a tight bedroom space, look for a headboard with built-in shelves to hold small items or nighttime necessities. It is also ideal for keeping books and magazines from piling up.


To hold bulky bins, coolers, pet carriers, and other rarely used items that take up space in the house, mount sturdy racks to the ceiling of your garage. Not only will they be safe and out of the way, you’ll know exactly where to find them when you need them.

Under Your Washer and Dryer

Consider investing in a storage pedestal that fits underneath your washer and dryer — or build a custom one of your own. It is the perfect place to store laundry products, as well as baskets for dirty laundry.

Inside Shelves

Floating shelves that double as drawers are a great way to increase a room’s storage capacity. Designed with a narrow drawer underneath the shelf, you’ll be able to store items inside the shelves as well as on top of them.

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