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12 Ideas to Get Your Home in an Autumn Mood

12 Ideas to Get Your Home in an Autumn Mood

Fall is officially here, so grab a pumpkin spice latte and read on for inspirational ways to infuse your home with the warm textures and rich colors of autumn.

1. Add Layers

If you live in a cool weather climate, you know all about layering sweaters, scarves and jackets. Now simply apply that concept to your home! For example, try layering a mix of tone-on-tone patterns throughout your room. The overall neutrality of the colors creates a cohesive presentation, while the different patterns add visual appeal.

2. Break Out the Fall Colors

From warm, plush bedding to cozy throw blankets, textured pillows, and heavyweight window dressings, it’s time to transition from the bright, cheerful colors of summer toward the rich jewel tones of fall. Consider incorporating deep marigolds, burnt oranges and olive greens to reflect the changing colors of the leaves.

3. Elegant Neutral Foundation

For those who added bright pops of color to their neutral palette for spring and summer, simply pull those accessories out and start again fresh. Neutral shades like taupe and oatmeal make a perfect foundation for an autumn room. Just choose your favorite fall colors and cozy it up! Remember, blankets, pillows, candles and rugs are always a welcome addition during cooler months.

4. Swap Out Lampshades

Although it’s a relatively minor detail, consider swapping out your standard white or cream-colored lampshades for a fall-inspired color. Not only will this add depth, it’ll bring instant warmth to the room.

5. Fill Your Space With Fall Flowers

No matter the style or color palette of your space, one easy way to embrace the joys of autumn in your home is through flowers. A vase full of sunflowers displayed prominently in an entryway or other high-visibility area makes a strong statement. Other beautiful fall blooms include chrysanthemums, goldenrod, sedum and monkshood.

6. Basket of Coziness

Transition your space from summer to fall by incorporating just one cozy element — a woven basket full of comfy throws and plush pillows. Being greeted by this basket of warmth instantly puts you at ease and creates an atmosphere of snuggly goodness, perfect for those chilly nights of hot cocoa and classic movies.

7. Pillow Magic

Although this is a well-known way to freshen up a living space, it bears repeating: Swap out your pillows. Choose a combination of patterns in autumn’s best colors — rich oranges, browns, reds, purples and greens — and immediately spice up your living room for fall.

8. Firewood Feature

Although functional, firewood also makes an attractive decorative element on your hearth. Simply fill a rustic wire basket full of birch branches to bring style and texture to the fireplace, while simultaneously serving an important purpose.

9. Classic Metallics

Because copper naturally features a reddish-orange hue, it’s easily the most appropriate metallic finish for fall. Consider using it to give your kitchen an autumn boost through accessories like canisters, bowls and a teapot.

Another timeless metal that is great for fall time is gold. It’s rich hue brings an instant warmth to any room, while its versatility matches multiple design styles from sophisticated to glitzy to traditional. Consider adding a classic gold tray topped with elegant candlesticks and some fall foliage or seasonal gourds to a dining room table or coffee table for a pleasing display.

10. Warm Up the Floors

Warm up those frigid bathroom floors with stylish rugs — both literally and aesthetically. Use plush or patterned rugs to inject pops of rich fall colors or faux-fur throws to add coziness.

11. Spiced Up Bathroom

Consider switching out your normal baskets and towels with jewel-inspired tones to bring a touch of fall into the bathroom. For example, a high-impact color injection for a chic white bathroom might include woven burnt orange baskets to hold crisp white towels, and fuchsia and orange washcloths to bring color to the countertop.

Other high-impact fall colors include plum purple paired with shades of slate and dark brown, and deep teal (atypical but evoking the same rich appeal) paired with mustard yellow or an all-white palette.

12. Swap Out Artwork

Incorporate fall into an existing gallery wall by trading out a few pieces of artwork with ones that exude warmth. Keep an eye out for sepia-toned photos, metallic frames and seasonal images that highlight autumn’s trademark colors.

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