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12 Clever Ways to Use Everyday Items in the Home Office

12 Clever Ways to Use Everyday Items in the Home Office

Planning and organizing your home office doesn’t have to break the bank. Simply pull items from your own home to help corral clutter. You’ll be surprised at what you can do for next to nothing!

1. Revolving Office Supply Organizer

Make small items like paper clips, thumbtacks and rubber bands easily accessible by sorting them into a revolving spice rack. Types featuring clear glass jars take the mystery out of the contents of each container and remove the need for labels.

2. Dish Rack File Caddy

When brainstorming creative storage solutions, the kitchen is a great place to find inspiration. For instance, repurpose a dish draining rack as the perfect place to house your go-to files and documents. As a bonus, the utensil cup on the rack makes a convenient holder for pens and pencils.

3. Bar Cart Carry-All

Cocktails are great, but with multiple levels, mobility and a height that might just fit under the desk, why not use your bar cart in your home office? It makes a great solution for office supplies and other day-to-day necessities. The top could even be turned into an in-office coffee station.

4. Cereal Box Paper Tray

Through modern technology, storing and handling paper is becoming less and less of an issue. That being said, there is still a need for keeping important papers organized and close at hand. One creative solution is to fashion your own innovative cereal-box letter trays. Simply trim the top flaps off the box and wrap the remaining shell in a pretty paper. Stackable and lightweight, make as many as you need. They can also be turned on their side to house frequently used files.

5. Utensil Tray Drawer Organizer

A plastic drawer organizer made for sorting kitchen utensils also makes a handy supply holder in the home office. Perfectly sized for holding writing utensils, it fits neatly in a drawer or cabinet for efficient organizing.

6. Magazine File Notebook Holder

Clear all those notebooks and books off your desk and store them in chic magazine files instead. Mesh or clear varieties ensure you’ll be able to keep track of everything at a glance.

7. Clipboard Photo Display

If you find that you have extra clipboards floating around the office, consider using them to display drawings, precious memories or photos. Hang them in a row on the wall and swap out the contents whenever you need a change. They’re a simple way to personalize the space and keep it fresh and inspiring.

8. Cocktail Fork Note Holders

Sticky notes are handy, but there is a point when there are so many of them that they can overwhelm — mentally and visually. Nix the cluttered look by getting creative with your memos. Simply raid your kitchen for colorful plastic cocktail forks, and then add the forks in with a small plant on your desk, tines up. Use the tines of the forks to hold important notes and keep them front and center.

9. Sewing Box Supply Holder

Give an old sewing box new life by using it to store desk supplies like stationery, paper clips, pens, stamps, and staples. Not only do the expandable trays fold out so you can easily see what you have, they fold up neatly when you’re finished working.

10. Office Chair Upgrade

Upgrade your office style by picking an interesting chair — one that isn’t necessarily meant to be used as a desk chair. Add an attractive throw on the back or a cheerful pillow for an even bigger style statement.

11. Laundry Bin Turned Garbage Can

Swap out your boring wastebasket for an eye-catching, upcycled clothes hamper-turned-trash can project. Give it a fun touch by painting it a bright color and adding graphic letters to the lid.

12. Mason Jar Writing Utensil Display

Here’s an easy DIY solution for storing writing utensils: Simply turn a few Mason jars on their sides and glue them together. Choose any formation you like, a pyramid, rectangle, oval, and so on. Each jar can house a different type of writing utensil. Place it on your desk or a nearby shelf, and you’ll no longer have to rummage through a messy drawer for your favorite highlighter when you need it.

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