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10 Ways to Refresh Your Front Porch for Fall

10 Ways to Refresh Your Front Porch for Fall

Are you ready to put yourself in cool weather mode and spruce up your front porch for fall? It’s easy! Just think rich colors, simple hardware switch-outs and interesting accessories.

1. Update Your Door Color

Inexpensive and easy, painting your front door an eye-catching color is the perfect way to refresh your front porch and elevate your home’s curb appeal.

2. Hang a Fun Wreath

Incorporate texture and color with your door decor by hanging a fun, seasonal wreath. Either find one that will work at your local store or seek out the perfect DIY wreath project online and custom-make it to your specific needs. Consider using a color palette appropriate for fall — deeper hues with hints of reds and plum purples.

3. Add a Fall-Friendly Doormat

Another simple addition that adds loads of personality is a fall-friendly doormat welcoming visitors with a clever greeting or image. There are plenty to choose from in stores and online, or you can get out your craft paint and stencils and make your own!

4. Layer Greenery for a High-End Look

Planters filled with various greenery is another way to add color and texture to your front porch. Mix the greenery together in layers and stagger the differing planter heights for a more high-end look.

5. Get Creative With Exterior Lighting

With the days getting shorter as we move into fall, exterior lighting becomes more important. Update your existing fixtures with functional and stylish ones. Not only will it give your porch a cosmetic boost, you can use this opportunity to improve any safety issues you had due to lack of lighting.

6. Swap Out Your House Numbers

Regardless of where your house numbers are located — mounted on the house, door or steps — crisp and easily visible house numbers are an easy spruce-up. You can choose from the many styles available in stores or get creative and create your own special house number display.

7. Change Your Door Hardware

Consider it jewelry for your door! A sleek, secure lock set makes a great first impression and is an easy project that can be done yourself. Once you find the perfect style, don’t skimp on safety — the more protection a door lock offers the better.

8. Paint Those Shutters

An easy update that makes a huge difference is giving your shutters a fresh coat of paint. Pressure wash them to remove any dirt or debris, then paint them a rich color that adds interest to your home’s exterior. The difference will be instant!

9. Freshen Up Your Railings

While it’s important for safety reasons, keeping your railings well maintained with a fresh coat of paint every few years can also be a way to re-invigorate the look of your home’s exterior. Consider skipping classic white and go for a more modern and forgiving greige.

10. Mix Colors and Styles

Don’t be afraid to get creative and mix up styles for a fresh look. For instance, just because your home’s architecture or color palette is more traditional does not mean you are limited to traditional accessories and fixtures. Try working in a few modern touches to create a look that speaks to you.

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