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10 Ways to Make Your Home a Refuge

10 Ways to Make Your Home a Refuge

Make your home somewhere you do more than just live. Make it a place where you feel relaxed and nurtured. Here are a few tips and ideas to add comfort and keep your worries at bay.

Embrace the Seasons

For a more positive and enjoyable experience, allow your home to work with the seasons and reflect the time of year. For instance, create a sense of coziness in the winter by putting up heavy drapes that can be shut to block out the cold. Then, light candles and put your fireplace to work to create a warm and welcoming environment.

Similarly, in the summer months, open up your home to the sun and outdoors by hanging light, gauzy curtains, and bring nature into your home with fun wildflower arrangements.

Find the Right Lighting

Nothing helps lift the mood of a room or makes it function better like good lighting. When the lighting is right, it can make any space feel like an oasis. Try mixing lighting sources for a more layered effect, and get creative with ambient lights — twinkle lights and candles are excellent choices to add coziness to a room.

Tune Into Sounds

Sound plays a huge role in creating your home’s environment, so tune into what is calming for you. It can be your favorite band wafting through the rooms or an interesting podcast bubbling in the background as you go about your day. Regardless, dial in and chill out.

Make Your Bed

If you do one thing before running out the door in the morning, it should be to make your bed. A beautifully made bed just screams success and relaxation after a long, busy day.

Shut the Door on Work

Especially nowadays, there are many who work from home and have a difficult time separating the two. If that’s an issue for you, and your workspace is part of a larger multipurpose room, consider hiding your computer and other work-related items at the end of the workday to give yourself a mental break. When it’s quitting time, cover it or stow it away so that your home transitions to the relaxing refuge you need.

Fresh Scents

Much like sounds, scents have a way of instantly soothing, nurturing and taking us back to places or experiences we love and cherish. That’s why it’s important to choose a scent for your home that will help get the results you’re looking for.

A good idea is to consider changing your home’s scent with the seasons. For instance, you can try something woodsy or musky in the winter, and switch to something more floral- or citrus-based during warmer months.

Choose Clean Above All Else

Many of our homes wouldn’t be considered “photo shoot ready.” Well, so what? It’s still your special place. To help make it your refuge, forget about styling it with the latest trends and instead focus on keeping it clean and tidy. A home that is orderly always exudes comfort and relaxation, regardless of the decor. And conversely, a home filled with the most trendy pieces will not feel like a haven if it’s cluttered and messy.

Buy Some Blankets

Transform your sofa from a mere place to sit into a prime snuggle spot with a soft, warm throw to two. Cozy up by yourself or invite a pet or a friend to cozy up with you. Either way, you can’t go wrong with blankets.

Add Plants and Fresh Flowers

When you bring a plant into your home, you’re adding life. Not only can they give your home a lush focal point, caring for them and watching them grow can be immensely satisfying and special. Plus, plants clean the air and serve as natural detoxifiers, leaving you feeling that much healthier.

Get Personal

Furnishing your home with special items you either handpicked or that have significant meaning to you are a great way to add character and make it feel like your own personal getaway. Add fun pieces that you picked up on vacation or ones you rescued and renovated. Add items with a history or compelling story behind them. Whatever makes your space feel meaningful and welcoming to you is exactly what it needs.

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