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10 Temporary Ways to Add Color to Your Home

10 Temporary Ways to Add Color to Your Home

If you’re looking for fun ways to inject a little color into your home without making a long-term commitment, look no further.

Awaken Tired Bedrooms

An easy way to wake up a tired-looking bedroom is to give it richly colored bedding. In most cases, the bed is the focal point of the bedroom, so swapping out boring pillows and blankets with ones that are vibrant and dramatic will instantly create a dazzling centerpiece. By including complementary accessories like curtains, wall art and lamps, you’ll compound the impact and turn the room into a design showpiece.

Paint-Free Wall Color

If you’re looking to add color to your walls but paint isn’t an option or seems too permanent, consider using fabric instead. Simply hang floor-length drapes over a plain wall and you’ll have the accent wall of your dreams, without the permanence or hassles of paint. You can either go with wall-mounted curtains, or install large removable hooks to hang drapes that have been enhanced with grommets or custom-sewn loops.

Spice Up the Floors

An area rug is a simple, yet powerful way to bring interest and color to a room. Increase its impact by picking up on colors in the rug and using them in accessories throughout the room — throw rugs, pillows, drapes, artwork and decorative accents.

Picture Perfect

Add some zip to any area of your home with a gallery wall. Not only will a well-planned gallery add color, it’ll also bring character and interest — especially to a plain white or neutral space. In fact, neutral-colored walls are a perfect backdrop to highlight a beautiful collection of artwork. Whether you choose original paintings, photographs, framed art prints, or a mix, all you have to do to create an attractive display is assemble a group of artwork you love using a central theme or color that ties them together.

Colorful Dining Room Chairs

Is your dining area so bland that it makes you lose your appetite? Spice it up with colorful painted furniture. Since the dining table is the natural focus of a dining room or any eating area, adding color to it with paint is sure to brighten up the room. If your dining chairs are wooden, you can paint them as well. Try using a coordinating color and adding cushions with a lively pattern. Alternatively, acrylic chairs in vibrant tints are a fun choice. Complete the display with bold place settings and an eye-catching centerpiece.

Wild Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

While it’s true that standard wallpaper can be quite a hassle to remove, there is another option: removable, peel-and-stick wallpaper. Easy to use and available in a wide range of stylish colors and patterns, this wallpaper alternative is an ideal option for those wanting to inject some color into their decor, but not willing to commit to something permanent. Simply apply and peel off when you’re ready for a change. These wallpapers are manufactured to not only be removable, but repositionable as well.

Funky Textiles

If you aren’t able to paint the walls but love fun colors, patterns and prints, consider going over the top with your furniture instead. Find furnishings in a vivid palette or daring print (or reupholster existing furnishings) and let them handle the color work for you. Hang art featuring hues that accent the upholstery and your room will go from bland to beautiful in an instant.

Brightly Hued Lamps

As accessories go, lamps rise to the top. Not only do they provide gobs of style, but they’re also functional as a source of light. If you’re looking for an easy way to bring color to a room, you can’t go wrong by adding bold lamps. When coordinated with another bright furnishing, like a colorful chair, brightly printed couch or fun throw pillows, lamps have the ability to enhance the colors and make them shine.

Bright & Beautiful Botanicals

No green thumb is required to incorporate botanicals into your home. In addition to bringing color to a room’s interior design, houseplants can also improve indoor air quality. While most are green in color, there are variegated, flowering and fruited varieties available as well. Some that are especially well-suited for indoor life include orchids, oxalis, hibiscus and African violets. Dwarf citrus plants, strawberries and mulberries are fun to grow in a kitchen atmosphere. If adding living plants to your home isn’t your thing, buying fresh-cut flowers or incorporating faux plants are great options that yield the same results.

Colorful Window Coverings

Window coverings are one of the most effective ways to use color, especially in a room with neutral walls. Simply choose a design you love, whether patterned or solid, and integrate coordinating colors throughout the room through lighting, pillows and other accessories. The bland wall color will fade into the background as your personality takes shape in the fun and colorful room design.

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