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10 Pretty Christmas Door Decoration Ideas

10 Pretty Christmas Door Decoration Ideas

Just because you’ve trimmed the tree, doesn’t mean you should stop there! Head out and spread some holiday cheer by decorating your front door, too. Here are 10 easy ideas, from traditional to modern.

Double the Fun

If one Christmas wreath looks amazing hanging on the door, why not try two? Simply hang twin boxwood wreaths one above the other to make a bold statement this season. Tie them together with a colorful ribbon and embellish the wreaths themselves with leftover ornaments for shiny pops of color.

Rustic Wreath

Add some rustic charm to your holiday with this do-it-yourself Christmas wreath made from precut wood slices. It’s easy — just arrange and clue the wood slices against a flat wood wreath. Then decorate it with a textured woven bow in a seasonal color, pine cones and faux berries. Voila!

Cedar Sprig Christmas Tree

Take 18 medium-sized cedar sprig wreaths and arrange them into the triangular shape of a Christmas tree for a clever door decoration. Use wire to tie the individual cedar wreaths together, and add bows or lights for color. A piece of wood or other rectangular object can be attached on the bottom for the tree trunk. Make the tree as tall or as short as you’d like.

Ribbons and Bows

Ring in the holiday season with ribbons and bows. Simply adorn your door with a greenery garland and evergreen wreath and give them a boost of color by weaving in bright red ribbons and bows. Elegant and high-impact, this display will definitely get your neighbors to take notice.

Lighted Evergreen Arches

Wrap an evergreen garland with Christmas lights and drape it artfully above your doorway for a warm, inviting Christmas display. By incorporating evergreen into your normal holiday light display, you’ll get an extra special sparkle in your Christmas curb appeal.

Go Low

If you have a window on your front door, consider breaking tradition by hanging your Christmas wreath low on the door. Not only is this more modern look welcoming, it leaves the window free to collect sunlight.

Embrace Traditional Decor

Go back to the basics by decorating your front door with Christmas ornaments snuggled in fresh greenery. Sophisticated and eye-catching, this look works on traditional and contemporary homes.

Changeable Holiday Greeting

For the most part, seasonal displays are pretty static. However, small personalized elements can bring a bit of character to your front door decor. For instance, adding a small chalkboard to your Christmas wreath allows you to add a changing message throughout the holiday season. Other ideas include a countdown to Christmas, or ribbons that change weekly.

Monochromatic Decorations

Create a winter wonderland at your front door with a monochromatic, all-white Christmas display. Put the kids to work cutting paper snowflakes in all different sizes, then hang them from strings of lights. Next, spray paint faux trees white and plant them in galvanized tubs on either side of the door. Use your artistic eye to arrange the snowflake lights on the faux trees, and around the doorway for a festive flurry of cheer.

Christmas Decor with a Twist

While wreaths are a lovely decorative addition to the front door, there are other items that you can hang to bring seasonal interest. For instance, ice skates tied with a bit of fresh greenery and an oversized Christmas bow makes a beautiful display and will set you apart from the other homes on your street.

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