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10 “Old Home” Trends to Bring Back

10 “Old Home” Trends to Bring Back

Newer homes definitely have their upside, but have you noticed they tend to be missing the character and charm of older homes? They definitely don’t build ’em like they used to – but maybe they should. Here’s a list of old house trends we’d love to see make a comeback:

1. Clawfoot Tubs
Statement-making, stylish and surprisingly versatile, the clawfoot bathtub is the perfect addition to a luxury bathroom or your everyday bath. Dress it up, dress it down. Add shower fittings or leave it as it is for hot, luxurious soaks. Any way you go, it’s just plain fab.

2. Built-ins
Not only are they the perfect place to showcase your treasures, built-ins give plain walls a boost and make a space feel special, intentional, serious. They are the embodiment of character.

3. Laundry Chute
Let’s talk about convenience. Whatever happened to the laundry chute trend in two-level homes? Did people decide they would rather lug dirty clothes hampers up and down stairs all day? Easy and space saving – let’s bring back the laundry chute.

4. Transom Windows
Although their original use of providing extra ventilation for structures with no central air conditioning may not translate well today, there are some other great benefits to this over-the-door feature. Aside from their statement-making appeal, they are an amazing source of natural light, can be used to accentuate high ceilings, and create an airy feel in otherwise stuffy, closed-off rooms.

5. Separate Kitchens
While open floor plans are still visually amazing, there’s a lot to be said for designated kitchen and dining room space that fosters the traditional family sit-down dining experience. No TV blaring, no high-tech gadgets going off, no other distractions. Just you, your family and a lovingly prepared meal.

6. Interior French Doors
Incredible for several reasons, one of which is their beauty, French doors bring an air of elegance to any room. They also create a sound barrier between spaces without sacrificing natural light, and are versatile – use them for a formal dining room, an entry for a walk-in pantry or for the home office.

7. Wraparound Porch
It’s all about charm. For curb appeal, wraparound porches can’t be beat, and there is no better place to enjoy your morning tea or to spend time reading on a lazy Sunday.

8. Dutch Doors
Originally designed to circulate air while keeping livestock out and little kids in, this split door is still a great modern feature for homeowners with pets and kids.

9. Pocket Doors
A space-saving feature, sliding pocket doors allow a floor plan to open up for entertaining or section off a room for privacy. So clever! The versatility and convenience they provide along with their sophisticated aesthetic makes them a must-have in the modern home.

10. Designated Nooks
Another old home trend lost to open floor plans, these little carved out areas in homes are what make a house feel like a home. From the sunny breakfast nook to the cozy reading nook, they feel personal and special. Let’s bring them back!

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